We do not exists in one Universe. But two Universe [mile 1]

by daveed guillermo

My  central  decode   proposition here  is  that there are two universes, each made up of time, space, and energy. You are probably familiar with the term universe.  We commonly and normally use it as the general term to describe the existence of everything including ourselves and Starbucks

First, all around me  is one finite  Natural  Universe.  Not myself

What  we generally refer as the Universe, I personally call  Natural Universe. It is the finite superstructure of the cosmos, in concert with the world around us down the air we breathe, minerals, plants, animals, mountains, oceans and rivers.  It is the people, places, and things in our world and all the space in between  

Second,  I am one finite Inner Universe,  me.   Anything else,  just myself.

We as human being have an exceptional distinction because   our  experience of  the past, imagination of  the future and  right now,  our  present.  This unique  finite  apex  secret  status of our mind, soul  and body  for  each of  us  I call:  Inner Universe.   

Infinite ? many  scientific, academic scholastic, and religion  traditions  teach us that  the universe is infinite, how is that all these disciplines are so in no doubt  of  this ?