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by daveed guillermo

I know,  and it is critical, to understand that each of us are a finite Inner Universe  existing   inside of  another finite the Natural Universe. This represent in our existence  for us, everything there is. The Natural Universe was here long before we were conceived and born  and it will be here long after we are gone,  am I right ?


Our Inner Universe is the every one of us  that  interacts with the  environment.  It made a delivery call  to Domino’s  for  cheese pizza  with a friend ,  goes to work,  go to school,  buy chocolate  ice cream in the supermarket  and  is  reading  now  this  lines  too.  To be able to live in harmony and balance  with ourselves and  our surroundings   we must  first establish a healthy relationship  between our Natural Universe, the world and our Inner Universe, ourselves.  This sense of balance  and  serenity  is what  I call   “oneself  peace of mind”