Fresh on our Inner Universe & Natural Universe. Still you do not get it ? please go miles: 1 and 2 [ mile 3 ]

by daveed guillermo

Our mind, spirit and we physically  are  a  necessary and essential ingredient of the Natural Universe,  the world where we live.   As long as we are alive, we cannot be disconnected us from it.  For this  reason it  is smart  we  establish and maintain  a well  relationship  with  both  the  Natural  Universe  and the  Inner  Universe, ourselves.  

Our Inner Universe must be in sync  with the Natural Universe. Without such synchronicity  we are isolated from the world.  In this  exclusive  loneliness indoors  in  our  own  Inner  Universe by ourselves alone  and  lacking  Family, friends, pets, Starbucks,  Google,  Wordpress,  You tube , iTune,  or  Twitter  we  may  well  sense out  of  contact  with the rest of  this  awe-inspiring  beautiful  world  Do you know that our lives are finite and short ?  They have a distinct beginning and a definite end.  During our short existence, yep, we must adapt, survive, integrate, have family, be happy, be someone   and leave behind us something valuable  for  next  generations .   When the time space  comes for  our  Inner Universe  to move from this dimension to a different plane. The Natural Universe with its trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, and rivers, will continue spinning in the invisible matter of time space .  The macro Natural Universe cosmos with its asteroids, planets, stars, and galaxies will continue on  gradually  developing without us, expanding  to its own extinction.

In order to exist as unique individuals  in the Natural Universe, we must find first  an  intelligent  balance within our own Inner Universe,  I mean  our  mind, soul and body  need  harmonizing  and  sync  with the Natural Universe.