Subconscious and Conscious mind. If you are seventeen to eighty years old explore and map the next. Older ? my highly admiration. [ mile 4 ]

by daveed guillermo

Our  past  experiences and  imaginary bridge  to the  future, are in our present  part  of  our human being that is aware  with  all our  senses that we are  alive and exist.

All of our  open mental  actions such as  thinking, analyzing, deciding, abstracting  and  remembering  is performed  hard to believe  by our  one  secret inheritance  coded  describe  as  subconscious  mind.    

Our  coded  subconscious   mind is the part of our  being that we do not have access to  and yet  plays the greatest role in shaping our  senses, thoughts and behaviors. It is the home of our deepest fears, most intense emotions,  and all of our instinctual mental  and  biological  functions.  

When we find ourselves crying, our conscious mind tells us that there is no reason to cry, but the emotions driving the action of crying  come from our subconscious  mind  

Our  conscious  mind  cannot  control  our  subconscious mind, so the emotions well up within us, regardless of our  thoughts or desires regarding them. Without  a sync  between the subconscious  and  the  conscious  mind, we  cannot   calm down  or  have  the benefits  of  any  relationship with ourselves and with the world.