In a row, more detailed information. Power of our inheritance codes. [ mile 6 ]

by daveed guillermo

The information we receive from the Natural Universe enters our minds through our five basic senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Our senses perceive the external world and our brain makes the information available to both the subconscious code and conscious code. Like the click of a mouse triggers a program to launch on your computer, each sensation triggers a programmed reaction from our subconscious code. This is what causes you to jerk your hand away from a hot stove. You do not have to stop and think about the fact that the surface of the stove is hot, you automatically, instinctively, pull your hand away at the first alarming sensation. These instinctive responses to specific stimuli are hard-wired into the human experience. They account for many of our inexplicable fears and emotional responses.

For example, as I said before, you may feel a jolt of fear when confronted with a spider, even though you have never had a negative experience involving spiders. Some things in our environment just “freak us out,” so to speak. Such rote responses are part of our genetic inheritance. They are actually coded in our DNA. They were adaptive for some ancestral creature and the code has been passed down from one generation to the next, eventually landing in our cells. In fact, ninety percent of our reactions, like pulling your hand from the something hot, are involuntary or subconscious.

That means despite all of the time we invest in contemplation, only small fraction of our actions are affected by our Conscious code deliberation! We live contained in an ocean of involuntary dealings.