Science and Psychology are in mile one. [ mile 7 ]

by daveed guillermo

Currently, science and psychology have been unable to tell us specifically how much of our actions are directly or indirectly controlled by our subconscious, but estimates of ninety or more percent are not unheard of.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of our actions are determined, wholly or in part, by our subconscious code mind presents a challenge for us. The conscious code has minimal influence over the subconscious code but is the part of our brain that we can willfully control. This creates a constant, one-sided battle between our Conscious code and subconscious code for control over our actions.

Let me go back  a little once again,  let’s say you have a subconscious code fear of dogs. When you encounter one, your subconscious code stimulates your nervous system to create all of the physiological behaviors associated with fear, such as increased heart rate, trembling, and sweating. When the dog flops on his back and looks expectantly at you to rub his belly, your conscious code can plainly see that your fear is unwarranted, yet rarely is that enough to lower your heart rate and calm your shaking hands.

In these constant battles, the subconscious code will always win because it’s bigger and stronger and operate with more information and knowledge. These advantages create a hierarchy in which the subconscious code regulate and “police”  the conscious. Is this a problem for us?  yep !! we live in a Life shake  blender at all speed  mixed  with Life, subconscious and Conscious, no malt, fruit or ice cream.