Now, at this moment I have the impression that to be happy I need to memorize every single word in Wikipedia ?…. a, b, c, d, e…… [ mile 8 ]

by daveed guillermo

The constant barrage of information….. a, b, c, d, e…., from our five senses, in conjunction with our random thoughts and feelings, leaves us in a state of near constant distraction. As an experiment, try to focus your attention on the minute hand of a clock for one whole minute. It is harder than it sounds.

Without training and practice, you will likely catch yourself “disconnecting” from this task, though you never consciously thought to interrupt this activity. It’s surprising how much effort it takes to reapply your attention to it. To actively pay attention to something, we must will and motivate our Conscious code to direct our focus to it. Additionally, our conscious code must continually monitor itself to keep our attention trained on the subject. When our attention shifts, or our minds wander, we must expend energy to redirect our attention to our task.

The dual nature of our attention is similar to the dual nature of an image on a television screen. When we look at a television screen, we are not actively recognizing the physical screen. Instead, we see an image made from millions of tiny dots of light, or pixels. These pixels are constantly changing color, creating the action we see on the screen. Since our attention towards any given subject is intermittent, our conscious code only records snapshots of the screen at different intervals.

Taken together, these snapshots are enough to for us to remember the gist of what we are seeing, but we aren’t registering all the detail with our conscious code.

The  “mastermind”  that  register all, monitoring all  and engineering  all is our  coded  subconscious. 

a     b     c     d    e    f     g   r   r   r   r   r   r   h  i  j   k  l  m

Are you sure what  did your read above?