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Month: April, 2013

From green to grey. Inside our fastening zipper existence [ mile 24 ]

From  our  remarkable, magical  element  foundation,  we, by  ourselves,  had  being  zippering   day  by  day  water,  fire,  air,  day light,  night dark   and  everything  else.  The  three simple  original  and  inimitable  cycles  of  life:  dawn,  dusk  and   sleep are gone. We  had  them  modified   and  stirred  from  green   to  grey  plus  a  bonus,   a  compulsory  society  accompanied   by  all  kind  of  drugs abusers. 

Since  were  in  mom’s  womb   thousand  of  years  ago  our  Inner  Universe    learned  to follow  his  natural   cycles . The same  way  a  musician  follows the pentagram  of  music.

But we are so intelligent  that  invented  and  assemble  a  huge  zipper  the  size  of our planet.   The zipper  was  first  moved   by  coal,  later  steam,  gas, oil, electricity,  nuclear  power, digital chips,  satellites  and   now  robots.

The zipper is  now  extending   out  and  gobbling   our  oceans,  lands  and   atmosphere.

Today a  20 percent  average of  all population  sleep  by day,  the day  is not  any longer  a  day.   A  18  percent  average  work  by night, the night  is not any more a night.  Close to 28  percents  just  to feel  “healthy”   take  pharmaceutical  drugs  to go on.  Being  healthy by ourselves  it is out of our mind   –  an   old  fashion –

 The water is not water, the air  is  not  air,  the fire is not fire, the food is not food. We  do not  die when we  should die,  the zipper  keep  us  artificially  alive.

What to do ?  the best ?  jump   to  the  green  side  of  the  zipper  before  lock  all  the way.

Sorry  I forgot  and  yell !!



The “Big-bang” , “luminosity” and our birthday position [ mile 23 ]

First,  the beginning  of  all  we  know  it  never  was  “big”  and  never  blew  “bang”   what’s more  never  a quantity  of  “luminosity”  turned  automatic  on from darkness  and  suddenly   “all began”   including  our  birthday.   

Every  birthday  we  celebrate  in  true  we  are celebrating  our  position  alive !!  We got  a reunion  with  family  and  friends  to say  hello !! I am  here !!

By  myself ,  I  am having  a good  time  because  you are at  this  time  reading  this !!

Our   birthday  began   around   270  generations  ago  with  the  starting point  of  our DNA   From  this astonishing   instant  we  have  been  “living”   from one generation  to the next  and from one position  to our  actual  today  ‘birthday”  position.

Eventually,  it is ironical  but  since our children  acquire our  DNA, genes and genetic  fabric.  We do not  have  to die  to  “reincarnate”  we  “reincarnate” with  our girls  and  boys.   We  craft   as  a  family  new  generations and more birthdays !!

– Happy  birthday !!



Our one and only Geographic Position in this world [ mile 22 ]

Right now I am sure you are in some place of this world, I will  be envious if  you  are walking  in the rain ready for a good coffee.  In my side you can be sure I am not in Mars.

Understanding  the unique  time  and space  of  our  geographic   “position”   since we  are  born  to  today  walking  in  a  sidewalk   it  is essential to be aware of our life.  In other word the geographic  point  I am using  right  now  to exist.

Throughout  70  thousand  years of  human  history we  have created a variety of systems to mark and spot  our  time space in our geography position.  From the Aztecs, Egyptians, Mayas, Chinese  to  the Romans, people have seen a need to devise calendars and maps with an increasing emphasis on accuracy. Through scientific discovery, we have identified the astronomical cycles and geophysical principles that define  time and space for us presently. If asked where you are right now, you could answer with extreme accuracy by replying, “My position is 10:51am PST at 40 degrees 49 minutes north latitude and 73 degrees 55 minutes west longitude.

Because time and space  are  progressive , in  no  way  backward,  we  live  in  a non stop  and  continue  geography   “Progressive  Self  Reflection”    position.


. . . . . . . . billions of awesome candles, the Natural Universe [ mile 21 ]

” If  we  Fight  Our  Natural  Heritage  and  Fundamental  natural  being  codes we  will  vanished  all  the way ” 

 Boston. Monday, April 15,  2013

 My  profoundly,  deeply  sorrow !



Yourself encircled by billions of awesome candles, the Natural Universe [ mile 20 ]

If  we  Fight  Our  Natural  Heritage  and  Fundamental  Natural being  codes we will  vanished  and  evaporate  all  the way.  As we have posted  previously in WordPress  all of the information  that we’ve received from the instant we are conceived until this very second,  has been processed  through the three information paths of our conscious code  “B”  subconscious code  “A”  and our world code “C”   These three paths work independently, each with its own agenda and no common code to link the results in an imbalance of  consideration and  behavior. If we consciously  or willfully  try to change or silence any of these paths we find ourselves in a state of endless conflict. and differences with ourselves.

It may seem contradictory, but the only way to modify the tendencies of either the code “A” or  “B” or  the world code “C”  it is exactly the opposite of  meditate,  contemplate, fight, clash or try  to force us,  is  to do nothing!   Just  aligned the three codes in one two-way  highway  or  “decodelink”, yourself  and  become aware of  the codes  with  an  open-minded  accepting  them as they are. 

In other words accept yourself  without fight, do not giggle, do not  wrestle against yourself.  Accepting  the limitations of  our genetic   predispositions and developed tendencies does not mean that we are agreeing to be helpless to them or we weak but shows  we are  smart, very smart.

 but it is imperative that you do not attempt to struggle  or  force change. The behaviors and thought processes that are inherent to ourselves, we were either born with or developed through a lifetime of experience, or sometimes are a combination of  both. They exist for a reason; they have served some fundamental and  vital role in how we live our lives in the past and right now  our present.

Imagine yourself  as  a sphere ,  imagine  again.  Laugh  and  the other  spheres  will laugh , smile  and  the other spheres  will smile.  You  have  to teach, learn, entertain, stir,  explore, dance  or  howl  but never  be  monotonous or dull.

Billion  of  overwhelming , overpowering,  irresistible candles  of  the Natural Universe  are  encircling  your  sphere –  oneself  –  yourself  –  your soul.  

Have the benefit of them.


Many bridges and circles just to get together with yourself ? [ mile 19 ]

Your  digital  map  or your GPS  “smart-phone”  will  not  actually  help  you  to show you a simple route. 

You need  first to take a short  break  in your own time and space.  Choice your favorite  place and coffee or pizza, beer, cheese burger, a vegan   salad with a glass of  wine  ( my top  )  and  lost  your diet  with  a fine  slide of  dark  chocolate  cake.

Now, please  read  Wordpress   “Decodelink”  posted   “mile”  1  to  18  including this  one again.

 I  promise you  it  will be fun.

Take your time,  We  will  hang  around  waiting  for you,   .

seeya,  dg


Decode and Link or Decodelink. [ mile 17 ]

Decode  verb  is  equivalent  to decipher  or convert  intricate  information  into ordinary language. 

Link verb is equivalent  to connect  events in a logical arrange without  difference.


In order to smoothly and accurately send and receive information between  our  “A” – “B” and  “C”  codes from our Inner Universe and Natural Universe  I have to create a mechanism that I will call  “Decodelink”  that use an information  system partner that I call  “Automatic Response Link”  (ARL) 

 This  Automatic Response Link   (ARL)  continuously decode,  transform  and transmits and receives communications, without conflict or contradiction, among  our  “A” “B” and “C”   codes. The information.

Decodelink  aligns our  heritage data within  a common framework, no change the original  decodes it from the language of its  heritage origin, and unifies it into one functional whole. It converts the disconnected  languages of the conscious code “B”  subconscious code “A” and the world code “C”  into one single information, two-way Super  Highway bridge between  myself  and  my  world.  In other words,  Decodelink align our codes in one stable and  straightforward  data.


Modernizing the Traffic Light Signals of Our Mind. [ mile 18 ] OK

Once established, see   [ mile 17 ]  our  highway bridge between ourselves and the  way of life around us Decodelink manages the flow of information between the Inner and Natural Universes.

It works like a well-designed system of traffic signals. By green lighting some bits of information and  red lighting others, it prioritizes, slows and stops traffic.

When we look at an image of a picture,  we can’t possibly register every detail, so our Decodelink analyzes the details we absorb and directs them to either without variance of information  to  the conscious code “B” subconscious code “A”  or  with “red stop light”  rejects them all together. The Decodelink decides what is important, what to reject or accept, using its ” Automatic Response Link.” 

As in the example of the architect, businessman, and chef who stayed in the same hotel, individuals consistently disregard certain attributes in any given environment, in favor others. Our preferences are written in our Inner Code, which informs our Decodelink, which performs a regulatory function to keep us from being overwhelmed by unimportant information. Decodelink also functions as an interface between our subconscious code “A”  conscious code.”B”  and the world code “C”  It provides the mechanism to orchestrate them, we do not have to apply any great effort to control the exchange of information between them. Decodelink by act in response to influences from our past and our expectations of the future establishes our past and future in our current position; our present,

Decodelink. eventually  Decode your codes. It provide us serenity and peace of mine avoiding confusion arguments  along with  our character and personality and  the world around us.


The information traffic confusion from our heritage subconscious code “A” and conscious code “B” [ mile16 ]

The natural state of dissonance between our conscious code “B”  and subconscious code “A”  often manifests in disparities between our thoughts, judgments, feelings  and behavior. At some point, many of us have experienced one or more of the following well-known experiences.

We get angry about things we know are unimportant, yet there are times when we are unconcerned about things that should upset us.

  • We work where we do not want to work, and have jobs we do not like, but we do not seek other employment.
  • We are afraid without reason, yet we put ourselves at risk for fun.
  • We say yes in situations when we know we shouldn’t; yet we deny ourselves some things that we really want.
  • We may eat, smoke and drink alcohol and at the same time we seek help to stop.
  • We want to tell the truth, but we still lie.
  • We keep relationships that hurt us and reject the people who help and appreciate us.
  • We make a big deal out of trivial things and we ignore what we know really is important.
  • We spend money we do not have, but fret over where to open a savings account.
  • We worry about the past when there is nothing we can do to change it. We get so wrapped up in worrying about our future that we disregard the present moment, giving little or no thought the very decisions our future is predicated on.

The list of self-negating behavior found in everyday human activity is endless, but why is it so prolific?  Because the subconscious code “A”  and  conscious code “B”  each have their own encrypted code and are capable of acting independently of each other, as a consequence they together have a profound impact on our behavior and our life with family, friends, work, school and the time we are free for ourselves.  When they are two  isolated forces, we can only expect that the resulting behavior will be at the least inconsistent, contradictory and at the most entirely  an information  traffic chaotic.

Is there is a system to sync  “A” and “B”   in one highway connection  instead  two  not working communication   network ?  the answer is:  of course, yes.


The girl in wheelchair waiting the subway picture My past “mile 13” [ n/a this mile ]

I am impressed of all  emails and  comments all constructive and heartbreaking about the girl waiting the subway.

 The picture of the  wheelchair and  and  the girl  together represent for me  a subliminal metaphor about war and its consequences;  dead, destruction,demolition, annihilation, devastation, misery and  corruption.

 The wheel of  wheelchair are  the  endless circle of  time and all  succession of wars  one on one  in  shackle  procession.

The girl represent  all the atrocities people suffer. Complete families, sisters, brothers, wives, sons, daughters, friends are dead for nothing  Cities are let  broke with their culture and traditions in complete demolition because of  war,

Our wars are recorded  as History  and  measure by centuries. and heroes.

Our  human development is not measure by dead o destruction  but  by art and creative  human achievements through  art, poetry, literature,, music, dance,. painting, theater, movies, acting  and  religion.

We are born to create and imagine the way to copy our fundamental beginning along with  the overwhelming beauty of  Nature.

 Now the best question for all of us.  Who are the wheelchair builders and who push it ?.



We do not just exist we have to co-exist. code “C” [ mile 15 ]

If my  Inner  Universe, myself,  have a heritage  subconscious code  “A”  and  consciousness code  “B”  to  exist.  Compellingly  I need the Natural Universe, the world,  as a place  to develop my character, personality and  identity  to live and  grow.

As  my own   necessity  I  recognize  that   I  need  and  I have  to use  the world  and  other people  to be myself. 

At the same time I  understand  that  the world  use me and other people  need me to be  themselves.

In this position  the world  and other people  are  my  code  “C”


Crossing a desert with a glass of water? [ mile 13 ]

It  doesn’t  matter  past  or  present  circumstances.   Our  belief  about  luck , destiny, fate, in, out,  left,  right,  up or down.

Always, without  exception.  in some point throughout our expedition  we find quite an oasis  to  procrastinate and send to hell  all we feel like !  Good !!


In the whirlpool of our “sub code A” and “con code “B” POW ! ZAAP ! [ mile 12 ]

Succeeding “mile 10” 

Our subconscious code “A”  is, however, particular in how it stores the information it gathers about our surroundings. We each have  one of its kind individual  way  for storing information. Our subconscious code “A”  and  conscious code “B”  are based on our personal and individual past experiences and knowledge. Because of the unique nature of these  codes, some things stand out to us, while other things go unnoticed. Some of these personal tendencies and behavior are determined by genetics and some are the result of our own personal growth and development. character. and personality.

For illustration, an architect, a businessman, and an executive chef spend one night in the same hotel. The following day, upon signing out, they are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their stay. The architect mentions the design of the rooms and the spaciousness of the lobby. The businessman scribbles his approval of the Internet service and the efficient layout of the conference room. The executive chef evaluates the quality of the food and menus at the hotel restaurants. The three professionals stayed in identical rooms at the same hotel, but their individual perceptions of the same environment are strikingly disparate. They each noticed the things most familiar, and of greatest importance to them based on each of their respective professions, preferences, and cultures.

The distinct differences between the form and function of our subconscious code “A” and a conscious code “B”  does not mean that we each have two separate entities intellect brains working towards separate ends inside our head. Remember that both your conscious code “B” and subconscious code “A”  are integral parts of  yourself.  They have an enormous potential to complement each other, but can only truly do so when they are synchronized, Without syncing the conscious code “B”  and subconscious code “A”  our existence depends entirely on fragmented, often contradictory information that may or may not be real.  

In this state, we have to make a mindful and attentive  effort to be ourselves and we are forced to build complicated strategies based on arbitrary and confusing information from the two codes, this is for us a constantly   “POW !  ZAAP !  BIFF !    to put together ourselves  and connect into our environment.

Next mile we will make out how central for our life is  the  information  gap  involving “A” and “B” 

 Tonight  you will have an  “A”  “B”   nightmare


Is there someone that say the spirit doesn’t weight ? [mile 11]

Try  out  to follow  and reach without  grouch  and distraction  your  own  dreams and  purposes  and you will  feel  in your mind, body  to all  your teeth how the spirit  loads  tons !! 



From our Mom and Dad our no run away heritage subconscious code and conscious code [ mile 10 ]

From now let’s call to our  non escape  heritage  subconscious:: “Code A”  and  our conscious:  “Code B”    By  “mile 8”  we know  that our subconscious code “A”  continuously registers and stores information. When we watch television or use a computer, our subconscious code records everything. It recognizes the physical screen, the pixels, the background music, the ambient sounds and details of the story that our conscious  code “A”  misses. All these details affect our reaction to the scene even though we do not remember them one hour later.

The result of all of this attention is a mass of data in  our head.  The majority of the data that we are constantly receiving is vitally important to the healthy function of our body, but is all processed at lightning speed by our subconscious “code A”  Our eyes collect reflected light and send these signals to the brain. The brain interprets the wavelengths of the light as color and intensity and combines the data from both of our eyes to construct an image in our mind that includes depth, allowing us to view the world in color and in three dimensions. Additionally, our vestibular system is the antenna that is providing a continual feed of information about gravity and motion to our brain. Our subconscious  “code  A”  uses this data to keep us balanced and aware of ourselves in space, but we are never aware of this happening. Everything happens instantaneously and with no interference  from our conscious “code  B” .  

It is really quite astonishing and extraordinary  that our brains can do so much intricate and multifarious processing in mere fractions of a second, but this speed comes with some pitfall. and consequence.

The subconscious code can be fooled because it does not assess if the information it receives is real or imaginary, or if it is happening to us or someone else. It also does not distinguish whether this data is a memory from the past, a contemporary experience, or a fantasy about our future. Our subconscious code “A”  does not recognize our position in time space.

Now If you are thinking there is a gap and many times chaos between our “A” code and our  code “B’  you are right . Since each of us were  conceived  to every one moment of our  life our code “A” and code “B”  each one goes  on its own way.

Is all this a very bad news, ?  no.really.

Wherever you are right now you  are in the middle of the road with  code A  and code B  completed.  Let’s now move  to the core of   “code C”  and  “code D”   to  get to the bottom of  all  “A,B,C,D”  codes puzzle.