From our Mom and Dad our no run away heritage subconscious code and conscious code [ mile 10 ]

by daveed guillermo

From now let’s call to our  non escape  heritage  subconscious:: “Code A”  and  our conscious:  “Code B”    By  “mile 8”  we know  that our subconscious code “A”  continuously registers and stores information. When we watch television or use a computer, our subconscious code records everything. It recognizes the physical screen, the pixels, the background music, the ambient sounds and details of the story that our conscious  code “A”  misses. All these details affect our reaction to the scene even though we do not remember them one hour later.

The result of all of this attention is a mass of data in  our head.  The majority of the data that we are constantly receiving is vitally important to the healthy function of our body, but is all processed at lightning speed by our subconscious “code A”  Our eyes collect reflected light and send these signals to the brain. The brain interprets the wavelengths of the light as color and intensity and combines the data from both of our eyes to construct an image in our mind that includes depth, allowing us to view the world in color and in three dimensions. Additionally, our vestibular system is the antenna that is providing a continual feed of information about gravity and motion to our brain. Our subconscious  “code  A”  uses this data to keep us balanced and aware of ourselves in space, but we are never aware of this happening. Everything happens instantaneously and with no interference  from our conscious “code  B” .  

It is really quite astonishing and extraordinary  that our brains can do so much intricate and multifarious processing in mere fractions of a second, but this speed comes with some pitfall. and consequence.

The subconscious code can be fooled because it does not assess if the information it receives is real or imaginary, or if it is happening to us or someone else. It also does not distinguish whether this data is a memory from the past, a contemporary experience, or a fantasy about our future. Our subconscious code “A”  does not recognize our position in time space.

Now If you are thinking there is a gap and many times chaos between our “A” code and our  code “B’  you are right . Since each of us were  conceived  to every one moment of our  life our code “A” and code “B”  each one goes  on its own way.

Is all this a very bad news, ?  no.really.

Wherever you are right now you  are in the middle of the road with  code A  and code B  completed.  Let’s now move  to the core of   “code C”  and  “code D”   to  get to the bottom of  all  “A,B,C,D”  codes puzzle.