In the whirlpool of our “sub code A” and “con code “B” POW ! ZAAP ! [ mile 12 ]

by daveed guillermo

Succeeding “mile 10” 

Our subconscious code “A”  is, however, particular in how it stores the information it gathers about our surroundings. We each have  one of its kind individual  way  for storing information. Our subconscious code “A”  and  conscious code “B”  are based on our personal and individual past experiences and knowledge. Because of the unique nature of these  codes, some things stand out to us, while other things go unnoticed. Some of these personal tendencies and behavior are determined by genetics and some are the result of our own personal growth and development. character. and personality.

For illustration, an architect, a businessman, and an executive chef spend one night in the same hotel. The following day, upon signing out, they are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their stay. The architect mentions the design of the rooms and the spaciousness of the lobby. The businessman scribbles his approval of the Internet service and the efficient layout of the conference room. The executive chef evaluates the quality of the food and menus at the hotel restaurants. The three professionals stayed in identical rooms at the same hotel, but their individual perceptions of the same environment are strikingly disparate. They each noticed the things most familiar, and of greatest importance to them based on each of their respective professions, preferences, and cultures.

The distinct differences between the form and function of our subconscious code “A” and a conscious code “B”  does not mean that we each have two separate entities intellect brains working towards separate ends inside our head. Remember that both your conscious code “B” and subconscious code “A”  are integral parts of  yourself.  They have an enormous potential to complement each other, but can only truly do so when they are synchronized, Without syncing the conscious code “B”  and subconscious code “A”  our existence depends entirely on fragmented, often contradictory information that may or may not be real.  

In this state, we have to make a mindful and attentive  effort to be ourselves and we are forced to build complicated strategies based on arbitrary and confusing information from the two codes, this is for us a constantly   “POW !  ZAAP !  BIFF !    to put together ourselves  and connect into our environment.

Next mile we will make out how central for our life is  the  information  gap  involving “A” and “B” 

 Tonight  you will have an  “A”  “B”   nightmare