The girl in wheelchair waiting the subway picture My past “mile 13” [ n/a this mile ]

by daveed guillermo

I am impressed of all  emails and  comments all constructive and heartbreaking about the girl waiting the subway.

 The picture of the  wheelchair and  and  the girl  together represent for me  a subliminal metaphor about war and its consequences;  dead, destruction,demolition, annihilation, devastation, misery and  corruption.

 The wheel of  wheelchair are  the  endless circle of  time and all  succession of wars  one on one  in  shackle  procession.

The girl represent  all the atrocities people suffer. Complete families, sisters, brothers, wives, sons, daughters, friends are dead for nothing  Cities are let  broke with their culture and traditions in complete demolition because of  war,

Our wars are recorded  as History  and  measure by centuries. and heroes.

Our  human development is not measure by dead o destruction  but  by art and creative  human achievements through  art, poetry, literature,, music, dance,. painting, theater, movies, acting  and  religion.

We are born to create and imagine the way to copy our fundamental beginning along with  the overwhelming beauty of  Nature.

 Now the best question for all of us.  Who are the wheelchair builders and who push it ?.