The information traffic confusion from our heritage subconscious code “A” and conscious code “B” [ mile16 ]

by daveed guillermo

The natural state of dissonance between our conscious code “B”  and subconscious code “A”  often manifests in disparities between our thoughts, judgments, feelings  and behavior. At some point, many of us have experienced one or more of the following well-known experiences.

We get angry about things we know are unimportant, yet there are times when we are unconcerned about things that should upset us.

  • We work where we do not want to work, and have jobs we do not like, but we do not seek other employment.
  • We are afraid without reason, yet we put ourselves at risk for fun.
  • We say yes in situations when we know we shouldn’t; yet we deny ourselves some things that we really want.
  • We may eat, smoke and drink alcohol and at the same time we seek help to stop.
  • We want to tell the truth, but we still lie.
  • We keep relationships that hurt us and reject the people who help and appreciate us.
  • We make a big deal out of trivial things and we ignore what we know really is important.
  • We spend money we do not have, but fret over where to open a savings account.
  • We worry about the past when there is nothing we can do to change it. We get so wrapped up in worrying about our future that we disregard the present moment, giving little or no thought the very decisions our future is predicated on.

The list of self-negating behavior found in everyday human activity is endless, but why is it so prolific?  Because the subconscious code “A”  and  conscious code “B”  each have their own encrypted code and are capable of acting independently of each other, as a consequence they together have a profound impact on our behavior and our life with family, friends, work, school and the time we are free for ourselves.  When they are two  isolated forces, we can only expect that the resulting behavior will be at the least inconsistent, contradictory and at the most entirely  an information  traffic chaotic.

Is there is a system to sync  “A” and “B”   in one highway connection  instead  two  not working communication   network ?  the answer is:  of course, yes.