Decode and Link or Decodelink. [ mile 17 ]

by daveed guillermo

Decode  verb  is  equivalent  to decipher  or convert  intricate  information  into ordinary language. 

Link verb is equivalent  to connect  events in a logical arrange without  difference.


In order to smoothly and accurately send and receive information between  our  “A” – “B” and  “C”  codes from our Inner Universe and Natural Universe  I have to create a mechanism that I will call  “Decodelink”  that use an information  system partner that I call  “Automatic Response Link”  (ARL) 

 This  Automatic Response Link   (ARL)  continuously decode,  transform  and transmits and receives communications, without conflict or contradiction, among  our  “A” “B” and “C”   codes. The information.

Decodelink  aligns our  heritage data within  a common framework, no change the original  decodes it from the language of its  heritage origin, and unifies it into one functional whole. It converts the disconnected  languages of the conscious code “B”  subconscious code “A” and the world code “C”  into one single information, two-way Super  Highway bridge between  myself  and  my  world.  In other words,  Decodelink align our codes in one stable and  straightforward  data.