Modernizing the Traffic Light Signals of Our Mind. [ mile 18 ] OK

by daveed guillermo

Once established, see   [ mile 17 ]  our  highway bridge between ourselves and the  way of life around us Decodelink manages the flow of information between the Inner and Natural Universes.

It works like a well-designed system of traffic signals. By green lighting some bits of information and  red lighting others, it prioritizes, slows and stops traffic.

When we look at an image of a picture,  we can’t possibly register every detail, so our Decodelink analyzes the details we absorb and directs them to either without variance of information  to  the conscious code “B” subconscious code “A”  or  with “red stop light”  rejects them all together. The Decodelink decides what is important, what to reject or accept, using its ” Automatic Response Link.” 

As in the example of the architect, businessman, and chef who stayed in the same hotel, individuals consistently disregard certain attributes in any given environment, in favor others. Our preferences are written in our Inner Code, which informs our Decodelink, which performs a regulatory function to keep us from being overwhelmed by unimportant information. Decodelink also functions as an interface between our subconscious code “A”  conscious code.”B”  and the world code “C”  It provides the mechanism to orchestrate them, we do not have to apply any great effort to control the exchange of information between them. Decodelink by act in response to influences from our past and our expectations of the future establishes our past and future in our current position; our present,

Decodelink. eventually  Decode your codes. It provide us serenity and peace of mine avoiding confusion arguments  along with  our character and personality and  the world around us.