Many bridges and circles just to get together with yourself ? [ mile 19 ]

by daveed guillermo

Your  digital  map  or your GPS  “smart-phone”  will  not  actually  help  you  to show you a simple route. 

You need  first to take a short  break  in your own time and space.  Choice your favorite  place and coffee or pizza, beer, cheese burger, a vegan   salad with a glass of  wine  ( my top  )  and  lost  your diet  with  a fine  slide of  dark  chocolate  cake.

Now, please  read  Wordpress   “Decodelink”  posted   “mile”  1  to  18  including this  one again.

 I  promise you  it  will be fun.

Take your time,  We  will  hang  around  waiting  for you,   .

seeya,  dg