Yourself encircled by billions of awesome candles, the Natural Universe [ mile 20 ]

by daveed guillermo

If  we  Fight  Our  Natural  Heritage  and  Fundamental  Natural being  codes we will  vanished  and  evaporate  all  the way.  As we have posted  previously in WordPress  all of the information  that we’ve received from the instant we are conceived until this very second,  has been processed  through the three information paths of our conscious code  “B”  subconscious code  “A”  and our world code “C”   These three paths work independently, each with its own agenda and no common code to link the results in an imbalance of  consideration and  behavior. If we consciously  or willfully  try to change or silence any of these paths we find ourselves in a state of endless conflict. and differences with ourselves.

It may seem contradictory, but the only way to modify the tendencies of either the code “A” or  “B” or  the world code “C”  it is exactly the opposite of  meditate,  contemplate, fight, clash or try  to force us,  is  to do nothing!   Just  aligned the three codes in one two-way  highway  or  “decodelink”, yourself  and  become aware of  the codes  with  an  open-minded  accepting  them as they are. 

In other words accept yourself  without fight, do not giggle, do not  wrestle against yourself.  Accepting  the limitations of  our genetic   predispositions and developed tendencies does not mean that we are agreeing to be helpless to them or we weak but shows  we are  smart, very smart.

 but it is imperative that you do not attempt to struggle  or  force change. The behaviors and thought processes that are inherent to ourselves, we were either born with or developed through a lifetime of experience, or sometimes are a combination of  both. They exist for a reason; they have served some fundamental and  vital role in how we live our lives in the past and right now  our present.

Imagine yourself  as  a sphere ,  imagine  again.  Laugh  and  the other  spheres  will laugh , smile  and  the other spheres  will smile.  You  have  to teach, learn, entertain, stir,  explore, dance  or  howl  but never  be  monotonous or dull.

Billion  of  overwhelming , overpowering,  irresistible candles  of  the Natural Universe  are  encircling  your  sphere –  oneself  –  yourself  –  your soul.  

Have the benefit of them.