Our one and only Geographic Position in this world [ mile 22 ]

by daveed guillermo

Right now I am sure you are in some place of this world, I will  be envious if  you  are walking  in the rain ready for a good coffee.  In my side you can be sure I am not in Mars.

Understanding  the unique  time  and space  of  our  geographic   “position”   since we  are  born  to  today  walking  in  a  sidewalk   it  is essential to be aware of our life.  In other word the geographic  point  I am using  right  now  to exist.

Throughout  70  thousand  years of  human  history we  have created a variety of systems to mark and spot  our  time space in our geography position.  From the Aztecs, Egyptians, Mayas, Chinese  to  the Romans, people have seen a need to devise calendars and maps with an increasing emphasis on accuracy. Through scientific discovery, we have identified the astronomical cycles and geophysical principles that define  time and space for us presently. If asked where you are right now, you could answer with extreme accuracy by replying, “My position is 10:51am PST at 40 degrees 49 minutes north latitude and 73 degrees 55 minutes west longitude.

Because time and space  are  progressive , in  no  way  backward,  we  live  in  a non stop  and  continue  geography   “Progressive  Self  Reflection”    position.