The “Big-bang” , “luminosity” and our birthday position [ mile 23 ]

by daveed guillermo

First,  the beginning  of  all  we  know  it  never  was  “big”  and  never  blew  “bang”   what’s more  never  a quantity  of  “luminosity”  turned  automatic  on from darkness  and  suddenly   “all began”   including  our  birthday.   

Every  birthday  we  celebrate  in  true  we  are celebrating  our  position  alive !!  We got  a reunion  with  family  and  friends  to say  hello !! I am  here !!

By  myself ,  I  am having  a good  time  because  you are at  this  time  reading  this !!

Our   birthday  began   around   270  generations  ago  with  the  starting point  of  our DNA   From  this astonishing   instant  we  have  been  “living”   from one generation  to the next  and from one position  to our  actual  today  ‘birthday”  position.

Eventually,  it is ironical  but  since our children  acquire our  DNA, genes and genetic  fabric.  We do not  have  to die  to  “reincarnate”  we  “reincarnate” with  our girls  and  boys.   We  craft   as  a  family  new  generations and more birthdays !!

– Happy  birthday !!