From green to grey. Inside our fastening zipper existence [ mile 24 ]

by daveed guillermo

From  our  remarkable, magical  element  foundation,  we, by  ourselves,  had  being  zippering   day  by  day  water,  fire,  air,  day light,  night dark   and  everything  else.  The  three simple  original  and  inimitable  cycles  of  life:  dawn,  dusk  and   sleep are gone. We  had  them  modified   and  stirred  from  green   to  grey  plus  a  bonus,   a  compulsory  society  accompanied   by  all  kind  of  drugs abusers. 

Since  were  in  mom’s  womb   thousand  of  years  ago  our  Inner  Universe    learned  to follow  his  natural   cycles . The same  way  a  musician  follows the pentagram  of  music.

But we are so intelligent  that  invented  and  assemble  a  huge  zipper  the  size  of our planet.   The zipper  was  first  moved   by  coal,  later  steam,  gas, oil, electricity,  nuclear  power, digital chips,  satellites  and   now  robots.

The zipper is  now  extending   out  and  gobbling   our  oceans,  lands  and   atmosphere.

Today a  20 percent  average of  all population  sleep  by day,  the day  is not  any longer  a  day.   A  18  percent  average  work  by night, the night  is not any more a night.  Close to 28  percents  just  to feel  “healthy”   take  pharmaceutical  drugs  to go on.  Being  healthy by ourselves  it is out of our mind   –  an   old  fashion –

 The water is not water, the air  is  not  air,  the fire is not fire, the food is not food. We  do not  die when we  should die,  the zipper  keep  us  artificially  alive.

What to do ?  the best ?  jump   to  the  green  side  of  the  zipper  before  lock  all  the way.

Sorry  I forgot  and  yell !!