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Month: May, 2013

Friday. Home Made Pancake-pedia

Does  someone  knows  our  accurate   birthday ?  Once  upon  a  time and space

Our  Birthday:    The Big Bang. 

Birth Time:         Alpha Beginning

Place:                Planet Earth




Wednesday. Today Home Made Pancake-pedia

Gloomy and brutal why?

Why  things go just  fine for some of us, while life is gloomy and brutal for others




                 To Be or Not To Be, That  is The Question: Not Anymore, is:  To Be

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The most difficult challenge in life is to have  the  determination  to change the time and space of our position  to balance the universe of  our emotions, intellect and spirit  within.  When you  achieve this peace of mind and unity it is not to  be a hero, martyr, or warrior, not  money, fame, image, relations or power,  nor academic, political, business, military or religious status.

 It is the art  to be yourself.   

 In  the serenity   of  a  face  and  simple  natural  attitude   of  a  person   is  were  you   recognize  it.   Once  in  a  while,  we capture  a  glimpse of  a  vision like  this and every time  it intercepts  our senses and strikes and collides  with our  mind this kind of self- expression, is in this instant, when our  imagination  wonders  and marvels  how  she or he make it  to this position.


Why bees be capable of fly, do we ? [mile 35]

The field of aerodynamics failed to understand how bees could fly. According to the traditional theories of flight that governed airplanes and helicopters, it is not possible for a bee to fly because its wings are too small to support its weight.

But bees, unaware of the concepts of aerodynamics and modern flight, do fly. It is their nature to do so.


The same It is in our nature to grow, promote good health and be happy, we have a need to be ourselves, have friends, enjoy life,  we cannot successfully go against our own nature, nor should we try.

The complicated abstract idea of our time space and the weather channel [mile 34]

 I was invited to a Bankers’  Luncheon at  a downtown convention center.  I am not a banker; however, as I sat  at one of  the  many  round  tables set for  twelve, a lady  at  my table began to inquire each of our professions, I answered   ” I  write about  our  time and  space”    “cool  she answered”  how does  the  weather  look  for  this weekend?”  I  just  said    “I think  it  is going  to  rain”




I  just  said    

” I think  it  is going  to  rain”

I just wonder about planes [ mile 33 ]

If   we accept  that someday we are going  to be  transfer  to  a   new  plane, it is fair to think  that  someday  we  have  actually  start   living  on  this  one. 


Why   the  metaphor   use   of ” miles

Why   the  metaphor   use   of     ” miles ”  ?                   [ mile 32 ]

Why? Because we  need  understand  the  speed of  changes  that  we  are  living 

all   in  front  of  our  face.  The  transformation  in   our  environment, learning,

communication, occupation,  faith,   traditions  and  culture.   

Why? Because  we  need  to be  aware  that  there  is  no  turn  around  of  the  

upcoming.  But  we  have  to  be  awake  of  how  we  are  impacted   to the  point 

today  we  struggle  just  to  live.  We  can  learn  learn  how  to  be  in   command   

of   all   this  revolutionize  change  and  being  ourselves.  We  need  to  know now 

in  our  present  not  in  the  future  that  eventually  will  never exist,  because  it  is 

the  “future”    

Why? Because  traditional  cultures  and  societies  structures   doesn’t  function 

anymore.  They  are  been  destroyed  step  by  step  and  surrogate  into  a 

one  world  planet  incorporated  by  digital  competition  for  capital, technology, 

military,  religion , acknowledgment  and  social  power  without  borders.    

Why? Because today  to  have  peace  of mind,   exist  and  survive  we need 

to  be  oneself  not  just  one  money  digital   laboratory  rabbit.

Why? Because,  one  afternoon,  as  my seventeenth  birthday  approached,  I

made a decision  to commit  suicide. I came to this  decision  because my  

memories of  my past up to that point left  me feeling confused and scared,

and my future, or what I could  imagine of  it,  seemed grimly  limited  by

obstacles, my attempt   failed.   Nobody  explained  me  or  offered  me  any

idea,  option  or  alternative  on  how  and  why  I  should   live.


Why? Because  I want  to  tell,  no teach,   young  people, soon  adults,   how

 today  I am  myself,   how  I  learned  that  the  world   is the world  and  the

spirit  is  a  mystery.

Why? Because  it  doesn’t  matter   how  constructive  or  downbeat  events  

we  experience  right  now.   Life  is  an  overwhelming  incredible,  invaluable 

and   worthwhile  experience  to  live.    Just  be yourself,  

seeya  and more  miles.

Inside a constellation of website and blogs WordPress Alpha Position [ mile 31 ]

Magically  wordpress  in  one  point  of  our  time  and space  united  all us  in

a  colorfully  spinning  Galaxy  of  communication,  ideas,  dreams,  frame of

mind,   frustrations,  emotions,  education,  renovation  and  of  course  a  lot 

of   intelligent  controversy  and  questioning  that  I  call   Progressive Self 

Reflection ,  philosophy.

 WP   is  beyond  my  accurate  appraisal  or  enlightenment.

This   is  a  work  for  a  flowing   poetic  insight .


                                           Radiant,   Thanks  all  of  you

The incomprehensible wisdom of God. From nothingness to the sum of all [ mile 30 ]

Nature  and  us,  had  granted  the  freedom  of   the  space  but  we  are  not  free  to  alter  no  matter  what  of  the  time.

He understood   that  freedom  of  space  isn’t  free,  but  a  huge responsibility and  liability  in  our hands.  However,  there  is  always  a  principle  attached:  accountability.

 Now here we are  with  this  overwhelming  gift  and  award  from Him  to make use  of  our  space  without  any  restriction,  to do  whatever   we  want. 

 One  time  lightening  hit   is  one  time , there  is not  back.  The  same,  each  

step  we move  is  one  step   in  your   Past  and  Future  in   the  Present ,  there

is not back.


                  Is  all  this  what  some  Divine  books  describe  as:    “destiny”  ?

What is philosophy? [ mile 29 ]

Having  coffee  with  friends  one
of my friends asked  me,  what is philosophy ?

– I  said  philosophy is that;  to  ask 

– to ask what ?

– I  said  to ask  everything ,  

animals they do not  make  use  of  philosophy, they  never  ask.


Perfection is not possible, do not exist. [ mile 28 ]

Perfection can sound attractive and fascinating but it is not possible.

 Imagine a tennis match in which each player plays perfectly. Neither players miss a ball or ever hit a ball out of bounds. They just volley back and forth again and again. Without errors, there is, and will never be a score or an end to the match.


The game is like a perfect  positive  plane of  time-space and energy. It moves continuously forward, with absolutely no variance and no end. There is only endless perfection.

An imperfection must be introduced into time-space and energy for the  tennis match to have  evolution,  growth  and  expand.

introducing  anomalies  and  chaos  allow  change; create  errors, points, winners, and losers the matching  is similar  to  the fundamental  base of  our existence. As well  the primary  foundation  of  elements  of  trees, rivers, clouds,  a  milk  shake  together with the cow, a  kiss  in other  words. The Beginning  of  all  the Universe. 

Do you make few  errors  ?  Welcome !!

With   your  flaws  you   are   Alive  !!

By  the  way,   I  do a lot   !!! 

Progressive Self Reflection [ mile 27 ]


If  you  do  not  believe  in  yourself,   who will  ?


And when it is to late ! we still bumped into more Monuments [ Mile 26 ]

From  any  society history  * civilization still  do no exist , we are not

civilizes  at  all *   The only centers  that  are available  to  help us understand  our

life,  our  existence  are  Jails,  Mental  Institutes,  Psychiatric hospital,

“Parental Centers”  Military  Discipline  Schools,  “Social” Assistance  Clinics, 

Foreign  Custody  Centers,   Food  Stamps Buildings,  Food Bank Warehouses,  

Homeless  Dormitories,   and  sure   +   Monuments.

Be sure  that  every  single  one  Governments,  in  no doubt,   have  a  massive    

budget  to construct,  maintain  and  develop  all  these  existential  bizarre, wacky  


However, from teenager  to adult  when we find   that  is to late  to  ask  we 

discover   that  no one,  never  teach  us how to use the most  valuable  thing we

have,  the time-space  and  energy  of   the   present   to  be  ourselves,  to  be

someone  in  society.



                                                                  astonished !



For thousands of years we have constructed + monuments + monuments + monuments in a never-ending. [ mile 25 ]

When we are born, we arrive at a city that we do not know; yet no one orients us or helps us understand our heritage. No one helps us understand where we are, our reality, where we are heading, or what we want to be in life. We do not ask for directions in life, because we are ashamed and embarrassed that other people will recognize that we do not know our position. We are often terrified to ask for help because we might be judged or criticized  as  “lost”  .

 Most cities we visit Governments  have visitors’ centers that show them  streets, museums, parks, hotels, convention centers, and restaurants.  Governments  have a budget for all this Centers  and  sure,  for  a  lot  of  Monuments of  all  kind.

When we are seventeen  years old  to adult  any  Government , that I know,   have a budget  to build a  “Center”  or  a  “Monument”  to assist  us  in our  life  to be ourselves.

If you find   a  ” Monument”  of  this kind, please let me know to write  a congratulations  letter your President, Dictator, King, Queen  or  whatever  political  place  have  to tell  what  an exceptional  leader  is.