For thousands of years we have constructed + monuments + monuments + monuments in a never-ending. [ mile 25 ]

by daveed guillermo

When we are born, we arrive at a city that we do not know; yet no one orients us or helps us understand our heritage. No one helps us understand where we are, our reality, where we are heading, or what we want to be in life. We do not ask for directions in life, because we are ashamed and embarrassed that other people will recognize that we do not know our position. We are often terrified to ask for help because we might be judged or criticized  as  “lost”  .

 Most cities we visit Governments  have visitors’ centers that show them  streets, museums, parks, hotels, convention centers, and restaurants.  Governments  have a budget for all this Centers  and  sure,  for  a  lot  of  Monuments of  all  kind.

When we are seventeen  years old  to adult  any  Government , that I know,   have a budget  to build a  “Center”  or  a  “Monument”  to assist  us  in our  life  to be ourselves.

If you find   a  ” Monument”  of  this kind, please let me know to write  a congratulations  letter your President, Dictator, King, Queen  or  whatever  political  place  have  to tell  what  an exceptional  leader  is.