And when it is to late ! we still bumped into more Monuments [ Mile 26 ]

by daveed guillermo

From  any  society history  * civilization still  do no exist , we are not

civilizes  at  all *   The only centers  that  are available  to  help us understand  our

life,  our  existence  are  Jails,  Mental  Institutes,  Psychiatric hospital,

“Parental Centers”  Military  Discipline  Schools,  “Social” Assistance  Clinics, 

Foreign  Custody  Centers,   Food  Stamps Buildings,  Food Bank Warehouses,  

Homeless  Dormitories,   and  sure   +   Monuments.

Be sure  that  every  single  one  Governments,  in  no doubt,   have  a  massive    

budget  to construct,  maintain  and  develop  all  these  existential  bizarre, wacky  


However, from teenager  to adult  when we find   that  is to late  to  ask  we 

discover   that  no one,  never  teach  us how to use the most  valuable  thing we

have,  the time-space  and  energy  of   the   present   to  be  ourselves,  to  be

someone  in  society.



                                                                  astonished !