Perfection is not possible, do not exist. [ mile 28 ]

by daveed guillermo

Perfection can sound attractive and fascinating but it is not possible.

 Imagine a tennis match in which each player plays perfectly. Neither players miss a ball or ever hit a ball out of bounds. They just volley back and forth again and again. Without errors, there is, and will never be a score or an end to the match.


The game is like a perfect  positive  plane of  time-space and energy. It moves continuously forward, with absolutely no variance and no end. There is only endless perfection.

An imperfection must be introduced into time-space and energy for the  tennis match to have  evolution,  growth  and  expand.

introducing  anomalies  and  chaos  allow  change; create  errors, points, winners, and losers the matching  is similar  to  the fundamental  base of  our existence. As well  the primary  foundation  of  elements  of  trees, rivers, clouds,  a  milk  shake  together with the cow, a  kiss  in other  words. The Beginning  of  all  the Universe. 

Do you make few  errors  ?  Welcome !!

With   your  flaws  you   are   Alive  !!

By  the  way,   I  do a lot   !!!