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Month: June, 2013

Our 4 Characters and only 4 in Time Space and Position [ mile 44 ]

It doesn’t’ matter  how old you are,  who you are, where you are, what you do or you do not do, what you think  or no think. your religion, politic  or  social status and  relations. You are  living inside as a custom in one of the following  four character.  The following  “miles”  will be about  all  but  our  peace of mind.

In order to synchronize the Inner Universe with the Natural Universe in our actual position we can adopt one of four possible modes of character. These characters are defined by our current relationships with the world and ourselves. For simplicity’s sake I will refer to these character types in the order  I discuss them.


In the first character, we have a healthy relationship with ourselves and a healthy association with the world.

 In the second character, we do not have a healthy relationship with ourselves or a healthy association with the world.

In the third character, we do not have a healthy relationship with ourselves, but we do have an association to the world.

 In the fourth character, we have a healthy relationship with ourselves, but no association to the world.

The fifth character is our existential identity in time-space with ourselves and our association with the world throughout our lives, from birth to maturity.  seeya


Our wrecked mind bridge [mile 43]

Homeless  vanished  their  mind  before  their  lost  every  one  and  the whole thing  they  possesses.  

Their Inner Universe , one-self   is gone first  and  subsequently  their  relation  with their Natural Universe,  the world.

They stopped  in some point  their  existential  bridge  construction  of   their  life  and  let  a  fragmented  link  and  connection  to all  they have and  most  love.  

In the worst of the cases  they lost  step  by step  their  courage  and  audacity   to balance thei r emotions intellect and  spirit  within.


We expend  billion to help  homeless with  food,  shelters, medicine, clothes, entertainment  and  a  trouble-free dead.   We do not expend  one cent  to prevent  they  arrive  at  this  point.   Why ?  dreadfully  miserable.

The Oldest profession in the World …………… really ? [ mile 42 ]

The older profession of  this world  is  “corruption”, a  man corrupted.

Not  Prostitution  from  a  girl  or  a  woman

The second oldest  profession ?   a  man’s   “acting”  with   pretense  

flowers  and   mask  to cover  his  fraudulent  nature


In any instance  it  is  not  a girl  or  woman  profession,  vocation,  

career, occupation  or  work

keep in mind that “Reflection” is not the same than “Meditation” [ 41 ]

You have heard from me that  I mentioned  Progressive Self  Reflection Personally most of the time I reflect. In other words  I  “mirror”  myself  in my reality my one-self   I  think about  my past  future  and  present  on  my  own  reality  no matter  what  my  circumstances  may  be.  This is reflection, an objective  idea of  myself   and  the world’s  fact .  Reflection  is similar to  take  to  the  air  a  kite  from  the  floor


If   I  meditate  I  try to place  myself  in some  unknown  site   to  encounter  with  my  “spirit”   “energy”   “peace”  “psyche”   “light”  in  an absolute    “bliss,  delight  and  total  serenity”.   I am not in my past   future  or  present,  I  am  presume  in  a  “place”  somewhere   on  time and  space.  This  is meditation,  a  subjective  hypothetical  idea  of  myself.  Meditation   is  like  take  to  the  air  an  intangible  kite   from   “here”  to   “there”


How is that our mind use only 10 percent of ourselves. [mile 40 ]

We are wrapped as mommies by our five senses;  see, ear, tact, touch  and  smell.  Because our subconscious “code  A”   is  a  90 percent  of  our mind  and body and  our conscious “code B”  the  10  percent  only.    For this reason   always  “code B”  will  prevail  on  “code A”

All our senses and perceptions  do  not  escape  always  Tracking  ourselves  to  the unknown  into an  abyss dark  tunnel  call  subconscious   or  ” memory”   live  there for the time we are alive.


Think for a second,   we have created  just with a 10 percent of ourselves an overwhelming  societies  with  art, religion, medicine, culture  education,  language with  printing,   astrology  and  geography,  vast  acknowledgement,  music, fashion, agriculture, astonishing  technology  and  Mc Donald’s. 

Now imagine  which world could be our  if  we could use at least a  50 percent  of our mind. Probably  today  this planet  could  be  a  civilize  one

I know what are you thinking,,  what about  brutality,  rough treatment,  violence, meanness,  cruelty,  sadism, aggression, damage, crime, war and  on  and  on.  The answer  is easy,  people  [ no humans,  just people ]  performing  all this  acts they use  less  than the  average 10 percent of  their  brains   and  many  times  they use  even  not  close to  a 1 percent.

Subconscious  doesn’t  know  what  is  good or bad what is past future or  present . D o not make a difference between  reality and abstraction. Do not provide any   advise or  view points in  anything.  If we imagined dating  with some one we like, the subconscious  “believe it”   “we are in a date”  It is  an  abyss  of  billions  of random  information.

Our nervousness,  anxiety, worry, nerves, apprehension,  loose sleep and  more come from the “tunnel”  not  from us.  The 90 percent always will stake  the 10 percent of  ourselves.  What to do ? balance your  Inner  Universe with the Natural Universe . I’ll tell you how. seeya

Why do we say “Yes” when we want to say “No” ? [ mile 39 ]

We exist  in  an  abstract  concentric circle  of  “Yes”  or  “No”  decisions.  Some  are  inconsequential,  petty others are so crucial  that  one decision can  change our life forever.


In Decodelink  I  call  decisions   “Vectors”  A  vector   that  help us  to achieve our  goals  is  a  “Positive Vector”  sure you know already  what is  a “Negative Vector

In many situations, we do not even know whether to say “yes” or “no”. This happens when we lack balance between the Inner Universe and the Natural Universe. When our Inner Universe and Natural Universe are not aligned with one code our personal and professional  “Vectors” are affected. The choice to say “yes” or  “no”  always present to us like a colorful  carrousel.

On a personal level we lack the confidence to voice our convictions so we do not speak when we want to speak, or we speak when we know it is inappropriate or ineffectual.

On a professional level, we are more likely to agree to business deals we know will not work in order to avoid conflict or to play out wishful thinking. 

Conversely, maybe we are more likely to avoid interactions that can benefit  us because we are afraid of risk or are unsure of our abilities.

We indulge in throwaway acquaintanceships with people we do not necessarily like or care about to the detriment of our true friendships.

We may conform to religions and attend churches that do not represent our own faith, choosing simply to go through the motions.

Welding  into  our  existence  all  these  positive and  negatives  Vectors   within  time  we  create  the  structure  of  our  past and future  in our present. In some point  of our life  we reflect  on   how  past  Vectors  have an effect on  our  today present  for good  or  bad.

 Saying  “no” or “yes,”  we interact with the world around us.  There is profound  rule in our vectors,  only  we  are able  to  say “yes” or “no”.  in our  progressive present   We can’t  act  or move anything  in  either the future or the  past..

It will help us to keep from obsessing about the future because the future do not exist  is an abstraction  of  our  mind  and  the past ?  departed  already  as an  experience.   

Believe  me. we are moving  forward in the right  direction,  seeya

Why imagining you are yourself and the world is the world it is so complicated ? [ mile 38 ]

Please See  the below  graphic  and  try  center your attention  in the center of the graphic  thinking  is  yourself  and  the dots around  the circle the world.  You will discover  how  difficult  is to do this exercise.


It is  hard  because when we try to focus just on the center  our mind bring  into play our  subconscious  -code  A-   and  conscious  -code B-  In the instant  we set  in motion  our mind to do as you are told.  At  the same  time we try  to “separate”  the  center  “ourselves”  from  ”  the our perception  of  the world,”   -code C-   the dots.

In our  desire  to separate  the circle  “A” /  “B” and  the dots  “C”   each code  try  to move  toward  first  and  many times  fight  each  other for our attention,   Follow  this   “simple”  decision  of  split  the center as ourselves and  the the world  as  the  dots   it  is  an  exhaust   no  ending  exercise  for  our  mind.
 In truth  this  the model we live our   lives  since we were born.  With  this  incongruity  we   takes  decisions,  try  to be ourselves,  value our  world.  Learn,  work,  talk,  have relations,  pray, fight,  play, and  everything  else. .  It  is  a mind  drain  to keep  this clash  among  the codes  deciding  all  the  time  on  who  is who  that  our  concentration  is  knock  out  all  the time  to assemble  decisions.  But we do not have any alternative  we  have  to  move forward  in every “round”  taking  decisions  on  top  of decisions. 

We will merge the three different  codes  in one code and  bring them  into  harmony .  This process to unified  the codes  I   may well  call   

” Decode  &  link”   or   in   short   “Decodelink”

Our subconscious conscious and the world’s unique codes. Glossary [ mile 37 ]

***  There are two Universe. One  our  Inner  Universe, ourselves  our  oneself.  and  our Natural  Universe,  that  is all  surround  ourselves  from Galaxies, oceans, air, trees, cities, family, friends, work, college, art, iTune, movies popcorn  in short all our outer- world.

***  We are created  with  a  only one of  its  kind  subconscious, conscious and  spirit. 

***  The world  around  us  is  the  world, we  are  NOT   the  world. We are not digital  laboratory  rabbits.

***  From thousand of  years  we  have  inheritance  our  subconscious  that carry  an  inimitable  code  that  we  can  call  code  A  The  same with our  conscious  it  bring  an unmatched code  that  we can call  code B .

***  In order to move forward  we will   tag  the  world our  Natural Universe  as  code C”

*** Our spirit  does not  have any code is  an  incompressible  mystery that  we  will  refer step  by step  later, as  a  mystery.

If  we do not decode  our  codes  A  B  and C  ” and  create  a single   information  highway  or   one  code   that  unified  the  three  codes  our  mind and  behavior  some  times  could  create  and  play with  a  surrealistic world  of  ourselves and  of reality. In any case  it  is NOT  our fault   is  that  the   three different  codes  like to “play” Box X   with us.  In the  next  “miles”  We will decode and  sync from the three  in  ONE  code  and  balance  our Inner Universe, ourselves  with  the Natural Universe, the world. Have fun, seeya 


Understanding our Parallels of Time and Space [ mile 36 ]

To understand the four characters and  personalities that  we can play in our life  first you need to follow  these  simple concepts. Without  this indispensable  information   you  will  be  just  supposing  and  deducing  with   me  going  to  nowhere.  The subsequent  information   is  to  facilitate  you  to  balance  and   sync  with  yourself   and  your  outer world.   If  this is  what  you are  looking  for , excellent !  Let’s  from  here   move  forward.  Glossary.
*** All that we are  is  time – space  and  a definition of  the culture where  we  live.
*** From the time when we were conceived  we live  without  exception  in a geographic position  in this planet. This is our  “position”
***  We were  borne  with  a  legacy,  first  our  temperament that  we will  develop  later ,  second we  cast  our character  and third we end crafting  with  the time  a  personality 


Wednesday. This is my last Pancake –pedia

hi there, In advance thank you.  You have stand  all  my  metaphors “mile x”  posted  with camels,  oasis,  balloons,  oceans, rain street,  bees and lightning.  In addition   I  posted  a  not  easy  and  soreness  picture of a girl  in her wheel chair waiting the subway.  This  is my  last  metaphor  with  pancakes and strawberries.  You  probably thought  why of  all  these  graphics and pictures. The only reason is that  I want  explain  you  in  a  more  visual  and  simple  way  a  complete  new  upgraded   glossary  of  concepts,  ideas  and  survive  tools  to  use  today,  in our present.   

For thousand and hundred of years   we  have  used  write,  re-write, teach  and  re- teach  again  and  again  for generations  the same intellectual  concepts that  lecture   us  with  “set of laws”  and  “rules”  on  how we  should  act  and  live  to be “happy and closer  to  heaven”   On how to think,  grow  and  more  significant  the  way we  can  “meditate”  as a  living  discipline to be “in high spirit”   All  these rules  and vocabulary  scheduled  ourselves  educating  us  on  culture, technology, religion, politic  and  Social  behavior  are  obsolete, out of use, aged  and out of  frame to our daily  life and existence.  Dinosaurs  stop to exist  thousand of years ago and  today we  as  lizards  [ seven billion ! ] try to copy  and  live with the same concepts and ideas like dinosaurs  why?  Lizards  move faster, jump higher, run faster, think  quicker and  are  more  fun,  resembling music and  dance.

With  idiomatic  old  thoughts  we  reflected   and  form our own  ideas  that do not have any sense in our today digital  one  community  life’s  planet. Also are out of  date,  archaic for  our  proliferate  environmental   cultural  existence. 

The objective of  my next  posted  are  to  bring  you to a point where you can balance yourself  with the today world  around  you.  You or myself   do not  “live”  in the world  but with  ourselves  or  at  least  we  should  live with our inner-self   and  being  interrelated  to the outer  world .   If we go to work, have a family  go to school  or go to Starbucks with friends  “living by means of  the  world”  we  will never find peace of  mind,  we  will never be able to think by ourselves  and  as  an  irony of  all this  we   will  not  find  harmony  either with the world. 

You and  I  have to be training to understand  and communicate first  with ourselves the  same way  we  were  training  to write and read.  Our subconscious  and  consciousness since we were conceived  have a  different codes. We need to training  them  to adapted and understand and follows one code. To make it more complicate the world  in  our mind  have a  different code than our subconscious  and  consciousness. 

In my following posted   I will tell how to bring all these  three  different codes ( subconscious , consciousness and  the world  )  into one balance peacefully synchronization.  I will keep using some graphics  I  promise no hot dogs  or pancakes.  In the  following  “miles”   I will  explain you  the four and only characters and personalities we can bring into play in our life to be ourselves and find peace of mind.

From my soul  I wish  to you,  family and  friends  the best  always, seeya soon.

Any question?  welcome.


Monday. Home Made Pancake-pedia

Our  Inner  Universe  and  Natural  Universe  Position

At  this  point I am here and sure, you are in some Geography  place  in  this

instant.   I am writing and you are reading  but  if you write  I  read,  isn’t  cosmic ?

At  once, out  of  the  blue  we  have  our  time and space  parallel,  it’s close  to

supernatural !!