Wednesday. This is my last Pancake –pedia

by daveed guillermo

hi there, In advance thank you.  You have stand  all  my  metaphors “mile x”  posted  with camels,  oasis,  balloons,  oceans, rain street,  bees and lightning.  In addition   I  posted  a  not  easy  and  soreness  picture of a girl  in her wheel chair waiting the subway.  This  is my  last  metaphor  with  pancakes and strawberries.  You  probably thought  why of  all  these  graphics and pictures. The only reason is that  I want  explain  you  in  a  more  visual  and  simple  way  a  complete  new  upgraded   glossary  of  concepts,  ideas  and  survive  tools  to  use  today,  in our present.   

For thousand and hundred of years   we  have  used  write,  re-write, teach  and  re- teach  again  and  again  for generations  the same intellectual  concepts that  lecture   us  with  “set of laws”  and  “rules”  on  how we  should  act  and  live  to be “happy and closer  to  heaven”   On how to think,  grow  and  more  significant  the  way we  can  “meditate”  as a  living  discipline to be “in high spirit”   All  these rules  and vocabulary  scheduled  ourselves  educating  us  on  culture, technology, religion, politic  and  Social  behavior  are  obsolete, out of use, aged  and out of  frame to our daily  life and existence.  Dinosaurs  stop to exist  thousand of years ago and  today we  as  lizards  [ seven billion ! ] try to copy  and  live with the same concepts and ideas like dinosaurs  why?  Lizards  move faster, jump higher, run faster, think  quicker and  are  more  fun,  resembling music and  dance.

With  idiomatic  old  thoughts  we  reflected   and  form our own  ideas  that do not have any sense in our today digital  one  community  life’s  planet. Also are out of  date,  archaic for  our  proliferate  environmental   cultural  existence. 

The objective of  my next  posted  are  to  bring  you to a point where you can balance yourself  with the today world  around  you.  You or myself   do not  “live”  in the world  but with  ourselves  or  at  least  we  should  live with our inner-self   and  being  interrelated  to the outer  world .   If we go to work, have a family  go to school  or go to Starbucks with friends  “living by means of  the  world”  we  will never find peace of  mind,  we  will never be able to think by ourselves  and  as  an  irony of  all this  we   will  not  find  harmony  either with the world. 

You and  I  have to be training to understand  and communicate first  with ourselves the  same way  we  were  training  to write and read.  Our subconscious  and  consciousness since we were conceived  have a  different codes. We need to training  them  to adapted and understand and follows one code. To make it more complicate the world  in  our mind  have a  different code than our subconscious  and  consciousness. 

In my following posted   I will tell how to bring all these  three  different codes ( subconscious , consciousness and  the world  )  into one balance peacefully synchronization.  I will keep using some graphics  I  promise no hot dogs  or pancakes.  In the  following  “miles”   I will  explain you  the four and only characters and personalities we can bring into play in our life to be ourselves and find peace of mind.

From my soul  I wish  to you,  family and  friends  the best  always, seeya soon.

Any question?  welcome.