Understanding our Parallels of Time and Space [ mile 36 ]

by daveed guillermo

To understand the four characters and  personalities that  we can play in our life  first you need to follow  these  simple concepts. Without  this indispensable  information   you  will  be  just  supposing  and  deducing  with   me  going  to  nowhere.  The subsequent  information   is  to  facilitate  you  to  balance  and   sync  with  yourself   and  your  outer world.   If  this is  what  you are  looking  for , excellent !  Let’s  from  here   move  forward.  Glossary.
*** All that we are  is  time – space  and  a definition of  the culture where  we  live.
*** From the time when we were conceived  we live  without  exception  in a geographic position  in this planet. This is our  “position”
***  We were  borne  with  a  legacy,  first  our  temperament that  we will  develop  later ,  second we  cast  our character  and third we end crafting  with  the time  a  personality