Our subconscious conscious and the world’s unique codes. Glossary [ mile 37 ]

by daveed guillermo

***  There are two Universe. One  our  Inner  Universe, ourselves  our  oneself.  and  our Natural  Universe,  that  is all  surround  ourselves  from Galaxies, oceans, air, trees, cities, family, friends, work, college, art, iTune, movies popcorn  in short all our outer- world.

***  We are created  with  a  only one of  its  kind  subconscious, conscious and  spirit. 

***  The world  around  us  is  the  world, we  are  NOT   the  world. We are not digital  laboratory  rabbits.

***  From thousand of  years  we  have  inheritance  our  subconscious  that carry  an  inimitable  code  that  we  can  call  code  A  The  same with our  conscious  it  bring  an unmatched code  that  we can call  code B .

***  In order to move forward  we will   tag  the  world our  Natural Universe  as  code C”

*** Our spirit  does not  have any code is  an  incompressible  mystery that  we  will  refer step  by step  later, as  a  mystery.

If  we do not decode  our  codes  A  B  and C  ” and  create  a single   information  highway  or   one  code   that  unified  the  three  codes  our  mind and  behavior  some  times  could  create  and  play with  a  surrealistic world  of  ourselves and  of reality. In any case  it  is NOT  our fault   is  that  the   three different  codes  like to “play” Box X   with us.  In the  next  “miles”  We will decode and  sync from the three  in  ONE  code  and  balance  our Inner Universe, ourselves  with  the Natural Universe, the world. Have fun, seeya