Why imagining you are yourself and the world is the world it is so complicated ? [ mile 38 ]

by daveed guillermo

Please See  the below  graphic  and  try  center your attention  in the center of the graphic  thinking  is  yourself  and  the dots around  the circle the world.  You will discover  how  difficult  is to do this exercise.


It is  hard  because when we try to focus just on the center  our mind bring  into play our  subconscious  -code  A-   and  conscious  -code B-  In the instant  we set  in motion  our mind to do as you are told.  At  the same  time we try  to “separate”  the  center  “ourselves”  from  ”  the our perception  of  the world,”   -code C-   the dots.

In our  desire  to separate  the circle  “A” /  “B” and  the dots  “C”   each code  try  to move  toward  first  and  many times  fight  each  other for our attention,   Follow  this   “simple”  decision  of  split  the center as ourselves and  the the world  as  the  dots   it  is  an  exhaust   no  ending  exercise  for  our  mind.
 In truth  this  the model we live our   lives  since we were born.  With  this  incongruity  we   takes  decisions,  try  to be ourselves,  value our  world.  Learn,  work,  talk,  have relations,  pray, fight,  play, and  everything  else. .  It  is  a mind  drain  to keep  this clash  among  the codes  deciding  all  the  time  on  who  is who  that  our  concentration  is  knock  out  all  the time  to assemble  decisions.  But we do not have any alternative  we  have  to  move forward  in every “round”  taking  decisions  on  top  of decisions. 

We will merge the three different  codes  in one code and  bring them  into  harmony .  This process to unified  the codes  I   may well  call   

” Decode  &  link”   or   in   short   “Decodelink”