Why do we say “Yes” when we want to say “No” ? [ mile 39 ]

by daveed guillermo

We exist  in  an  abstract  concentric circle  of  “Yes”  or  “No”  decisions.  Some  are  inconsequential,  petty others are so crucial  that  one decision can  change our life forever.


In Decodelink  I  call  decisions   “Vectors”  A  vector   that  help us  to achieve our  goals  is  a  “Positive Vector”  sure you know already  what is  a “Negative Vector

In many situations, we do not even know whether to say “yes” or “no”. This happens when we lack balance between the Inner Universe and the Natural Universe. When our Inner Universe and Natural Universe are not aligned with one code our personal and professional  “Vectors” are affected. The choice to say “yes” or  “no”  always present to us like a colorful  carrousel.

On a personal level we lack the confidence to voice our convictions so we do not speak when we want to speak, or we speak when we know it is inappropriate or ineffectual.

On a professional level, we are more likely to agree to business deals we know will not work in order to avoid conflict or to play out wishful thinking. 

Conversely, maybe we are more likely to avoid interactions that can benefit  us because we are afraid of risk or are unsure of our abilities.

We indulge in throwaway acquaintanceships with people we do not necessarily like or care about to the detriment of our true friendships.

We may conform to religions and attend churches that do not represent our own faith, choosing simply to go through the motions.

Welding  into  our  existence  all  these  positive and  negatives  Vectors   within  time  we  create  the  structure  of  our  past and future  in our present. In some point  of our life  we reflect  on   how  past  Vectors  have an effect on  our  today present  for good  or  bad.

 Saying  “no” or “yes,”  we interact with the world around us.  There is profound  rule in our vectors,  only  we  are able  to  say “yes” or “no”.  in our  progressive present   We can’t  act  or move anything  in  either the future or the  past..

It will help us to keep from obsessing about the future because the future do not exist  is an abstraction  of  our  mind  and  the past ?  departed  already  as an  experience.   

Believe  me. we are moving  forward in the right  direction,  seeya