How is that our mind use only 10 percent of ourselves. [mile 40 ]

by daveed guillermo

We are wrapped as mommies by our five senses;  see, ear, tact, touch  and  smell.  Because our subconscious “code  A”   is  a  90 percent  of  our mind  and body and  our conscious “code B”  the  10  percent  only.    For this reason   always  “code B”  will  prevail  on  “code A”

All our senses and perceptions  do  not  escape  always  Tracking  ourselves  to  the unknown  into an  abyss dark  tunnel  call  subconscious   or  ” memory”   live  there for the time we are alive.


Think for a second,   we have created  just with a 10 percent of ourselves an overwhelming  societies  with  art, religion, medicine, culture  education,  language with  printing,   astrology  and  geography,  vast  acknowledgement,  music, fashion, agriculture, astonishing  technology  and  Mc Donald’s. 

Now imagine  which world could be our  if  we could use at least a  50 percent  of our mind. Probably  today  this planet  could  be  a  civilize  one

I know what are you thinking,,  what about  brutality,  rough treatment,  violence, meanness,  cruelty,  sadism, aggression, damage, crime, war and  on  and  on.  The answer  is easy,  people  [ no humans,  just people ]  performing  all this  acts they use  less  than the  average 10 percent of  their  brains   and  many  times  they use  even  not  close to  a 1 percent.

Subconscious  doesn’t  know  what  is  good or bad what is past future or  present . D o not make a difference between  reality and abstraction. Do not provide any   advise or  view points in  anything.  If we imagined dating  with some one we like, the subconscious  “believe it”   “we are in a date”  It is  an  abyss  of  billions  of random  information.

Our nervousness,  anxiety, worry, nerves, apprehension,  loose sleep and  more come from the “tunnel”  not  from us.  The 90 percent always will stake  the 10 percent of  ourselves.  What to do ? balance your  Inner  Universe with the Natural Universe . I’ll tell you how. seeya