keep in mind that “Reflection” is not the same than “Meditation” [ 41 ]

by daveed guillermo

You have heard from me that  I mentioned  Progressive Self  Reflection Personally most of the time I reflect. In other words  I  “mirror”  myself  in my reality my one-self   I  think about  my past  future  and  present  on  my  own  reality  no matter  what  my  circumstances  may  be.  This is reflection, an objective  idea of  myself   and  the world’s  fact .  Reflection  is similar to  take  to  the  air  a  kite  from  the  floor


If   I  meditate  I  try to place  myself  in some  unknown  site   to  encounter  with  my  “spirit”   “energy”   “peace”  “psyche”   “light”  in  an absolute    “bliss,  delight  and  total  serenity”.   I am not in my past   future  or  present,  I  am  presume  in  a  “place”  somewhere   on  time and  space.  This  is meditation,  a  subjective  hypothetical  idea  of  myself.  Meditation   is  like  take  to  the  air  an  intangible  kite   from   “here”  to   “there”