Our wrecked mind bridge [mile 43]

by daveed guillermo

Homeless  vanished  their  mind  before  their  lost  every  one  and  the whole thing  they  possesses.  

Their Inner Universe , one-self   is gone first  and  subsequently  their  relation  with their Natural Universe,  the world.

They stopped  in some point  their  existential  bridge  construction  of   their  life  and  let  a  fragmented  link  and  connection  to all  they have and  most  love.  

In the worst of the cases  they lost  step  by step  their  courage  and  audacity   to balance thei r emotions intellect and  spirit  within.


We expend  billion to help  homeless with  food,  shelters, medicine, clothes, entertainment  and  a  trouble-free dead.   We do not expend  one cent  to prevent  they  arrive  at  this  point.   Why ?  dreadfully  miserable.