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Month: July, 2013

Pharmaceutical pills or five minutes with yourself [ mile 56 ] *

Many emotions, including frustration and satisfaction, sadness and joy, anguish and hope, depression and euphoria, anger and contentment, come from our subconscious 90%  that control over our fragile  conscious 10%.  To make it worst our  mind  bounce  like a tennis ball  in a  “present  net”  from  our  past  to  future.


By nature, we tend to keep our minds focused on past events or future concerns. When we live in the past or future, our mind produces emotional responses to our thoughts. When we imagine a confrontation with other people, we experience the emotions of the interaction even though it isn’t really happening. When we imagine the future or remember the past, our mind reacts as if the events were actually happening in the present.

If we consciously remember experiences from the past, or imagine situations in the future, our subconscious does not differentiate between real events and images we are forming in our mind. Our 90% of our mind,  our  subconscious,  does not make a difference between the past  future or present, just follows our information and storage as memory. The same our subconscious  doesn’t recognize  good or bad, moral or immoral, real or a fantasy. For us it is  an  exhaust  work and exercise  to keeping  our concentration and focus in the real task we are doing.

The solution is to build a bridge of  information between the two sides, subconscious  and  conscious, without  conflict  or  disagreement.  It   is what we  are  doing  now step  by step.

* Progressive Self Reflection


Boring of your video games looking for a challenge ? … you got it ! [ mile 55 ]

Throughout history, humans have used philosophy to explain and understand ourselves and the world. One of the central questions of philosophy is: “What is the meaning of life?”  Do not worry about answering it because it is a meaningless and empty question. 


The more relevant and profound question is: “What does it mean to be alive?”

This is a question that we can each answer for ourselves. Other challenging philosophical questions that we face every day are these common social greetings: “How are you?” and “How is everything?” To answer in a social manner is not difficult. The answer is: “Just fine. How are you?” Socially, we do not grant much importance to the questions, they are only friendly expressions that we rarely take literally.  But trying to answer and understand these central and essential questions of life is very deep and intricate. They relate to  our  time- space of our day and night and the world around us.  In this sense, “How are you?” refers to our Inner Universe, ourselves  and  “How is everything?” refers  to the Natural Universe, the world.

Taking time to reflect on ourselves and the world is not a habit for most of us. Instead, it is a mechanism we must learn to use like we learn the language we speak.  The first challenge we face when we try to reflect about our existence is our lack of contact with our present reality. It seems ironic and contradictory that we seek the guidance of religious leaders, doctors, counselors, and fortunetellers to establish   and find  our  own  individuality, realities and dreams   of our own life !

We already begin to move  in “Progressive Self Reflection”  seeya

If you think you are lost, is because you are lost ! [ mile 54 ]

When all the time you consider  in  your mind  that you are lost.  It is true,  no kidding you are lost.


You are lost  by  your  Inner Universe, conscious or 10 % percent  of your mind.  But  in fact who  is lost  is not you but  the other 90 %  percent of your Natural Universe mind, your subconscious. 

We have seen for ‘miles” and  “miles”  the fact that the 10%  percent of our mind  will never beat  the other  90%  percent.  However there is a solution call “Progressive Self Reflection”  Does it sound  peculiar ? yes it is peculiar.  Is the opportunity  to  you get your “mind backpack”  and  begging  to explore not mountains, rivers, oceans  or  galaxies  but  explore yourself  your own character  and personality. Your  relation  with your family, friends, work, school, your cultural neighborhood.  Too explore your enemies, gloomy, dark side, bad  feeling, revanchist  temper  and  explore  whatever  you  feel  to  explore,  not  the world  but  yourself.

The opportunity  to explore  the balance between peace of mind ( no pills to sleep ) and  tons of  up – down- left- right  moods all day  deals  ( here pills to sleep )

Remember this :

“Progressive” means:  looking  or promoting  progress – transform our status – advance –  forward – state of the art – move ahead – innovative – move  on – go -learn – teach . 

All  you  want but  NO  boring,  monotonous,  dull  or  tedious.  grrrrrrr !!!

Self” means:  personality.  Inner  Universe,  identity, you  only you  no one else.

“Reflection” means:   “your mirror  image”  in  your one-self.  Your own  thoughts on yourself.  Your own opinion In your Past  Future and  your  Present. NOT  “meditation”  or  some abstract  ideas  and  place  that  no  one  understand  or  knows.

OK, Let’s  move forward, seeya


Progressive Self Reflection [ mile 53 ]

From this “mile” we will enter the system on how to reflect  on   “Our Past and Future in our Present”   I call this balance, equilibrium and peace of mind  “Progressive Self Reflection”


The most difficult challenge in life is to  have the courage  to change the position of our time and space to balance the universe of our emotions, intellect and spirit within. 


When you achieve this peace of mind and unity it is not to be a hero, martyr, or warrior, not money, fame, image, relations or power, nor academic, political, business, military or religious status.

It is the art to be yourself.

In the serenity of a face and simple natural attitude of a person is where you recognize it. Once in a while, we capture a glimpse of a vision like this and every time it intercepts our senses and strikes and collides with our mind this kind of self-expression, is in this instant, when our imagination wonders and marvels how she or he make it to this position.


Unshackle liberate Free yourself [ mile 52 ]

keep your experience as experience and your dreams as: dreams.  If  right now you are reading  this  it means that you are alive and if you are alive  do not  think  for a while  that you are a  massive  transatlantic  boat or a noisy  ferry.  This weekend, from now,  go in a plain mood  the way you are, yourself.  Navigate  and  drive  out  like a  little  paper  boat.   


                          The feeling and emotion of being yourself  is  beyond price! 

If you are young, live like young. If you are old, live like young. [ mile 51 ]

Once we have developed a character, we may develop  our  unique  identity surrounded by the culture where we live.  Our character and identity  navigate in  time-space.. Our progressive time-space and energy takes us from childhood through youth to maturity and old age. In each one of these stages of our life, we may adopt a different character and identity relative to our age  level.  The Time Space of our life at any period  feels  to us like an abstract  endless  spiral staircase. We usually never  stop  to reflect  that  steps  up  or  steps down the staircase  had  a  beginning  and will  have  and  ending.


The difference between the developmental stages is dependent on the positions we have traveled through our life. An adult can balance her time-space because she or he already has experience, a history and a vision of the future that allows her to make decisions in the present, unlike a child and a young person. An infant does not control his time-space and has no history. He depends on the time-space and history of others in regards to what he experiences and the decisions that affect him. On the other hand, adolescents do not have much history, but they have the greatest degree of freedom  Adolescents are not yet bound by decisions they have made in the past so all of the possibilities of their future are still open doors, waiting for them to decide to enter.

The rebelliousness of the young is often due to the difficulty in balancing a minimal past that has been mostly controlled by others, with an unimaginable the future full of  endless  possibilities.

Are you better than me ? am I better than you ? who is better than us ? [ mile 50 ]

Of the four types of character described  before in the past “miles”,  which one makes us happier or brings us more peace? One character frame is not necessarily better than the others, and they are not even necessarily mutually exclusive. They are all different.  There is not a “superior”  or  “inferior”  character all depend  in many personal situations. Each character is part of the immense variety that makes up life on earth, as a human being. In a color  rainbow, is one color better than the others? 


While we might have a favorite, every color  is equally necessary to create the effect. We are all different  in one way or another, and we are different from one situation  to the next. Our character is relative to our position in time-space and the cultural definitions associated with that position.  

If you have defined  from the last four described characters the one is close to you and you agreed congratulations.  This  character. is yourself  nobody  else, great!!!

If  you accepted  yourself   the way  you  are  it  is an excellent  opening  to you accept  the  others, your  natural Universe.

If  you  already understand  yourself   it  is an excellent  foundation  for  others understand to you,  your Inner Universe. Huge !!!!!  for you,  seeya

I’m right, I am the hub, the one, the only, the center, the, the, the …. [ mile 49 ]

Our fourth character option.

The fourth character is represented by people who have a clear definition of who they are but they create a false association with the world. They have a well-developed sense of self and they can imagine great things, but they cannot see the world for what it truly is and are therefore, incapable of interpreting responses from it correctly.  To those around them they seem to care only about themselves. People of the fourth character create an illusion of a world that does not really exist. They live in this internal oasis. They do have to temporarily associate with the Natural Universe in order to survive but they never fully integrate into it. They can succeed or fail but there is no real result because they are locked in a fantasy and may not even be able to determine the difference. Though they exist in a place and time like everything else, they do not have a genuine position in the real world in the natural universe because they accept their imaginary position inside their Inner Universe as the greater reality. They can’t apply experiences from their past to their future because neither are based in reality. Living in their fantasy, they sacrifice their own, existential structure, their life, because it is not possible to build an existential structure without accepting the world as the ultimate reality.


Which  one of the last four characters we have investigated  is better for each one of us?  let’s make a resume and find out, seeya

When you say all the time; yes, yes, sorry, yes, sorry, yes…….. [ mile 48 ]

Our  Unique Third Character:

People of the third character do not understand how to have a relationship with themselves, but they do have a strong association with the outside world. Often they define themselves based solely on their position in the Natural Universe and so do not even recognize that they lack a relationship with themselves.


They do what everyone else wants and never consider what they want. They have no conception of a personal future or past, because they view their past and future as inseparable from their society or family. They perceive their time-space as belonging to the world, so they do whatever is asked of them without objection. People of this character openly tell the world that they value it over themselves by refusing to recognize their own Inner Universe, themselves.

Their ambitions are not of personal success, but the success of their world. Their self-image does not reflect their image of themselves; instead it reflects how well they are living up to the world’s expectations. Because this character is defined by the external world, they do not make decisions of their own accord.

They do what is right by their environments standards. They have only to listen, understand, and help the world; and they expect nothing in return. Yes, once more, seeya

How multicolored butterflies do you have a day in your mind ? [ mile 48 ]

Before we go to  the  next  two  “characters”  position,  let me take a minute.  Let’s say I call our  thoughts,  feelings   and   attitude   “butterflies”


We are  just in  three places  in a day :  home,  work,  and  our  free time  or  a combination  of  the three  counting   on our   personal circumstance.

Any day for you  kings  and  taxi  drivers the  day have only:  24 hours  /  1440 minutes   /  86,400  seconds.   A far I know  all  days  are  the same,  no more,  no less.
From  the 86,400 seconds  at  home-work  or  free time  how  many seconds  you  apply  to  reflect  on  yourself   to  ask  about  why  all  these  butterflies  “live”  in your mind  and  doing  what ?   Where they comes from?   Ask yourself   if   they In some way  lend you a hand  to achieve  your  goals of  the day?   Ask  if  the  they  stay in you r head  in a constructive  mode ?  or probably  they are  countless that  you perhaps do not  are aware  you have  them ?
Now, do you know from  the  thousand of  seconds  in a day   how many  do you expend  to Reflect  on  the butterflies?  Sorry  but I know;  None

It is not your fault or anyone liability  is that you do not know how  to bring to a halt your time and space  to  take  some  seconds  of  time for yourself. 
After we review  the  “characters ”  I will tell you  how you can stop  each and every one  of your seconds  and  expend  some time with yourself  to  practice  reflection  – no meditation-   and  let  in your mind  just the friendly butterflies  that  assist you to  balance  one-self  with the world  and   bring  with you   the positive and constructive  butterflies to your side .
What about  with  the rest of   harmful  and negative colorful  butterflies ?  they will  just  the will vanish  away from your mind  by  themselves,

The best  for you, family  and  friends always,  seeya 

Our Unique Second character [ mile 47 ]

Probably you are thinking  that  the  four characters  we  are  evaluate  concern  just  to you and  not  myself.   Yes  I  identified  with  one of the four  characters  [  I will not tell you which one ]   After you read the four  positions  characters   that we can adopted   I will  explain  you  how  to balance  for  your  own convenience  your  Inner Universe, yourself  with the Natural  Universe, the world.

The  result?  first you will  appreciated  who you  are, what you have  and what are you doing.  Second you will have the  character, yes the character, to send  “Hell”  the thinks in the  world  you  feel   like.   Does this mean  you  will  twisted  and  being  an  “antagonistic”  “hostile”  or   “Aggressive” ?   No,  just  that you will be yourself  and  the  world, the world.

Also you will cherished, value and  treasured   the people who are your  friend  and  truly love  you.

Ok here we still  are  taking  our  kite  to the sky,  to reach  what  we  more  want  to be, seeya 


  Second character:

 People who exhibit an unhealthy relationship with themselves and are disassociated with the world embody the second character. People of this character seem to either not care or disregard where they came from and where they are going. They behave as if they are less sure of who they are. They let life happen to them. They are less likely to recognize the consequences of their actions and are often surprised by them. They often do not have realistic objectives and lack ambition. Many of the decisions and plans that people make in life to achieve certain outcomes don’t seem to matter to people of the second character because they have no desire to modify or control anything. They just accept the uncertainty of life. Because they don’t set goals and make decisions based on those goals throughout their lives, their existential structure tends to be less rigid, but often times weak. A weak existential structure leaves them floating in time-space with little to connect them to themselves and the world. People of this type of character who only react to their environmental stimuli and make no concerted decisions will suffer inconsistency in their day-to-day life. This disorientation can bring anyone in this position intolerable suffering and instability.

Their lives are totally dysfunctional as they are suspended in time-space floating like a balloon, traveling with the wind in whatever direction it may take the end of each day, everything will be different, inconsistent and disconnected from the day before.


Our unique first character [ mile 46 ]

Please think that  we only can have  a “relation”  with ourselves, one-self  and  we only have  anassociation with  the world  around   us, never  a  relation. This  distinction  between  one word  and the other  appears  very  simple but it is not.  It makes  a  mammoth  difference  if  try  to  use  both  as the same. I suggest that you go to the four character position before evaluated one by one.

First character:

In the graphic  the  yellow circle is our Inner Universe, “myself”  the  large yellow circle the Natural Universe, the “world”  The green lines are  the unique and personal  information  we input  and  exchanged  between  our  Inner Universe  with the  Natural Universe. 

People  who personify  the first character  have a healthy relationship with themselves and a balanced association with the world. They invest their energy to reach goals and objectives, working to obtain what they want from life.

People who fall in this category have a clear understanding of who they are and they project it to the world. Their Inner and Natural Universes are in sync and they use their existential structure to understand themselves and others.

They know who they are, where they come from, and where they going. We describe them as having integrity, a strong personality or character, and  “being real”. They do what they say they are going to do and they say what they mean





From myself, a solitary admission to you [ mile 45 ]

I celebrate that right now you and I have our time and space parallel. According  to WP ”  my followers”  today are  xx 
My  admittance  is that you have to know  that one by one  I value you more,  here and now,  than  hundred   “friends”   from  prosaic  and  dull  internet  websites  connected  all  and  sundry  to  nowhere.

I am thinking  I  will  plan with some of you a reunion in some place and some time to change  thoughts, dreams, purpose , and  cheerfulness  talk  direct  each other.  It  doesn’t  matter  our  personal  situation  or position could be in our reunion.  It is more central  that today and  not tomorrow  all  we here together  in the present  in this  Planet  as part  of  an  overwhelming  Cosmos, why to wait ?


Ok , now lets go  and  fly ourselves  kite   all  the  the  way  to  the  place  we  want to be. seeya