From myself, a solitary admission to you [ mile 45 ]

by daveed guillermo

I celebrate that right now you and I have our time and space parallel. According  to WP ”  my followers”  today are  xx 
My  admittance  is that you have to know  that one by one  I value you more,  here and now,  than  hundred   “friends”   from  prosaic  and  dull  internet  websites  connected  all  and  sundry  to  nowhere.

I am thinking  I  will  plan with some of you a reunion in some place and some time to change  thoughts, dreams, purpose , and  cheerfulness  talk  direct  each other.  It  doesn’t  matter  our  personal  situation  or position could be in our reunion.  It is more central  that today and  not tomorrow  all  we here together  in the present  in this  Planet  as part  of  an  overwhelming  Cosmos, why to wait ?


Ok , now lets go  and  fly ourselves  kite   all  the  the  way  to  the  place  we  want to be. seeya