Our Unique Second character [ mile 47 ]

by daveed guillermo

Probably you are thinking  that  the  four characters  we  are  evaluate  concern  just  to you and  not  myself.   Yes  I  identified  with  one of the four  characters  [  I will not tell you which one ]   After you read the four  positions  characters   that we can adopted   I will  explain  you  how  to balance  for  your  own convenience  your  Inner Universe, yourself  with the Natural  Universe, the world.

The  result?  first you will  appreciated  who you  are, what you have  and what are you doing.  Second you will have the  character, yes the character, to send  “Hell”  the thinks in the  world  you  feel   like.   Does this mean  you  will  twisted  and  being  an  “antagonistic”  “hostile”  or   “Aggressive” ?   No,  just  that you will be yourself  and  the  world, the world.

Also you will cherished, value and  treasured   the people who are your  friend  and  truly love  you.

Ok here we still  are  taking  our  kite  to the sky,  to reach  what  we  more  want  to be, seeya 


  Second character:

 People who exhibit an unhealthy relationship with themselves and are disassociated with the world embody the second character. People of this character seem to either not care or disregard where they came from and where they are going. They behave as if they are less sure of who they are. They let life happen to them. They are less likely to recognize the consequences of their actions and are often surprised by them. They often do not have realistic objectives and lack ambition. Many of the decisions and plans that people make in life to achieve certain outcomes don’t seem to matter to people of the second character because they have no desire to modify or control anything. They just accept the uncertainty of life. Because they don’t set goals and make decisions based on those goals throughout their lives, their existential structure tends to be less rigid, but often times weak. A weak existential structure leaves them floating in time-space with little to connect them to themselves and the world. People of this type of character who only react to their environmental stimuli and make no concerted decisions will suffer inconsistency in their day-to-day life. This disorientation can bring anyone in this position intolerable suffering and instability.

Their lives are totally dysfunctional as they are suspended in time-space floating like a balloon, traveling with the wind in whatever direction it may take the end of each day, everything will be different, inconsistent and disconnected from the day before.