How multicolored butterflies do you have a day in your mind ? [ mile 48 ]

by daveed guillermo

Before we go to  the  next  two  “characters”  position,  let me take a minute.  Let’s say I call our  thoughts,  feelings   and   attitude   “butterflies”


We are  just in  three places  in a day :  home,  work,  and  our  free time  or  a combination  of  the three  counting   on our   personal circumstance.

Any day for you  kings  and  taxi  drivers the  day have only:  24 hours  /  1440 minutes   /  86,400  seconds.   A far I know  all  days  are  the same,  no more,  no less.
From  the 86,400 seconds  at  home-work  or  free time  how  many seconds  you  apply  to  reflect  on  yourself   to  ask  about  why  all  these  butterflies  “live”  in your mind  and  doing  what ?   Where they comes from?   Ask yourself   if   they In some way  lend you a hand  to achieve  your  goals of  the day?   Ask  if  the  they  stay in you r head  in a constructive  mode ?  or probably  they are  countless that  you perhaps do not  are aware  you have  them ?
Now, do you know from  the  thousand of  seconds  in a day   how many  do you expend  to Reflect  on  the butterflies?  Sorry  but I know;  None

It is not your fault or anyone liability  is that you do not know how  to bring to a halt your time and space  to  take  some  seconds  of  time for yourself. 
After we review  the  “characters ”  I will tell you  how you can stop  each and every one  of your seconds  and  expend  some time with yourself  to  practice  reflection  – no meditation-   and  let  in your mind  just the friendly butterflies  that  assist you to  balance  one-self  with the world  and   bring  with you   the positive and constructive  butterflies to your side .
What about  with  the rest of   harmful  and negative colorful  butterflies ?  they will  just  the will vanish  away from your mind  by  themselves,

The best  for you, family  and  friends always,  seeya