When you say all the time; yes, yes, sorry, yes, sorry, yes…….. [ mile 48 ]

by daveed guillermo

Our  Unique Third Character:

People of the third character do not understand how to have a relationship with themselves, but they do have a strong association with the outside world. Often they define themselves based solely on their position in the Natural Universe and so do not even recognize that they lack a relationship with themselves.


They do what everyone else wants and never consider what they want. They have no conception of a personal future or past, because they view their past and future as inseparable from their society or family. They perceive their time-space as belonging to the world, so they do whatever is asked of them without objection. People of this character openly tell the world that they value it over themselves by refusing to recognize their own Inner Universe, themselves.

Their ambitions are not of personal success, but the success of their world. Their self-image does not reflect their image of themselves; instead it reflects how well they are living up to the world’s expectations. Because this character is defined by the external world, they do not make decisions of their own accord.

They do what is right by their environments standards. They have only to listen, understand, and help the world; and they expect nothing in return. Yes, once more, seeya