I’m right, I am the hub, the one, the only, the center, the, the, the …. [ mile 49 ]

by daveed guillermo

Our fourth character option.

The fourth character is represented by people who have a clear definition of who they are but they create a false association with the world. They have a well-developed sense of self and they can imagine great things, but they cannot see the world for what it truly is and are therefore, incapable of interpreting responses from it correctly.  To those around them they seem to care only about themselves. People of the fourth character create an illusion of a world that does not really exist. They live in this internal oasis. They do have to temporarily associate with the Natural Universe in order to survive but they never fully integrate into it. They can succeed or fail but there is no real result because they are locked in a fantasy and may not even be able to determine the difference. Though they exist in a place and time like everything else, they do not have a genuine position in the real world in the natural universe because they accept their imaginary position inside their Inner Universe as the greater reality. They can’t apply experiences from their past to their future because neither are based in reality. Living in their fantasy, they sacrifice their own, existential structure, their life, because it is not possible to build an existential structure without accepting the world as the ultimate reality.


Which  one of the last four characters we have investigated  is better for each one of us?  let’s make a resume and find out, seeya