Are you better than me ? am I better than you ? who is better than us ? [ mile 50 ]

by daveed guillermo

Of the four types of character described  before in the past “miles”,  which one makes us happier or brings us more peace? One character frame is not necessarily better than the others, and they are not even necessarily mutually exclusive. They are all different.  There is not a “superior”  or  “inferior”  character all depend  in many personal situations. Each character is part of the immense variety that makes up life on earth, as a human being. In a color  rainbow, is one color better than the others? 


While we might have a favorite, every color  is equally necessary to create the effect. We are all different  in one way or another, and we are different from one situation  to the next. Our character is relative to our position in time-space and the cultural definitions associated with that position.  

If you have defined  from the last four described characters the one is close to you and you agreed congratulations.  This  character. is yourself  nobody  else, great!!!

If  you accepted  yourself   the way  you  are  it  is an excellent  opening  to you accept  the  others, your  natural Universe.

If  you  already understand  yourself   it  is an excellent  foundation  for  others understand to you,  your Inner Universe. Huge !!!!!  for you,  seeya