If you are young, live like young. If you are old, live like young. [ mile 51 ]

by daveed guillermo

Once we have developed a character, we may develop  our  unique  identity surrounded by the culture where we live.  Our character and identity  navigate in  time-space.. Our progressive time-space and energy takes us from childhood through youth to maturity and old age. In each one of these stages of our life, we may adopt a different character and identity relative to our age  level.  The Time Space of our life at any period  feels  to us like an abstract  endless  spiral staircase. We usually never  stop  to reflect  that  steps  up  or  steps down the staircase  had  a  beginning  and will  have  and  ending.


The difference between the developmental stages is dependent on the positions we have traveled through our life. An adult can balance her time-space because she or he already has experience, a history and a vision of the future that allows her to make decisions in the present, unlike a child and a young person. An infant does not control his time-space and has no history. He depends on the time-space and history of others in regards to what he experiences and the decisions that affect him. On the other hand, adolescents do not have much history, but they have the greatest degree of freedom  Adolescents are not yet bound by decisions they have made in the past so all of the possibilities of their future are still open doors, waiting for them to decide to enter.

The rebelliousness of the young is often due to the difficulty in balancing a minimal past that has been mostly controlled by others, with an unimaginable the future full of  endless  possibilities.