Progressive Self Reflection [ mile 53 ]

by daveed guillermo

From this “mile” we will enter the system on how to reflect  on   “Our Past and Future in our Present”   I call this balance, equilibrium and peace of mind  “Progressive Self Reflection”


The most difficult challenge in life is to  have the courage  to change the position of our time and space to balance the universe of our emotions, intellect and spirit within. 


When you achieve this peace of mind and unity it is not to be a hero, martyr, or warrior, not money, fame, image, relations or power, nor academic, political, business, military or religious status.

It is the art to be yourself.

In the serenity of a face and simple natural attitude of a person is where you recognize it. Once in a while, we capture a glimpse of a vision like this and every time it intercepts our senses and strikes and collides with our mind this kind of self-expression, is in this instant, when our imagination wonders and marvels how she or he make it to this position.