If you think you are lost, is because you are lost ! [ mile 54 ]

by daveed guillermo

When all the time you consider  in  your mind  that you are lost.  It is true,  no kidding you are lost.


You are lost  by  your  Inner Universe, conscious or 10 % percent  of your mind.  But  in fact who  is lost  is not you but  the other 90 %  percent of your Natural Universe mind, your subconscious. 

We have seen for ‘miles” and  “miles”  the fact that the 10%  percent of our mind  will never beat  the other  90%  percent.  However there is a solution call “Progressive Self Reflection”  Does it sound  peculiar ? yes it is peculiar.  Is the opportunity  to  you get your “mind backpack”  and  begging  to explore not mountains, rivers, oceans  or  galaxies  but  explore yourself  your own character  and personality. Your  relation  with your family, friends, work, school, your cultural neighborhood.  Too explore your enemies, gloomy, dark side, bad  feeling, revanchist  temper  and  explore  whatever  you  feel  to  explore,  not  the world  but  yourself.

The opportunity  to explore  the balance between peace of mind ( no pills to sleep ) and  tons of  up – down- left- right  moods all day  deals  ( here pills to sleep )

Remember this :

“Progressive” means:  looking  or promoting  progress – transform our status – advance –  forward – state of the art – move ahead – innovative – move  on – go -learn – teach . 

All  you  want but  NO  boring,  monotonous,  dull  or  tedious.  grrrrrrr !!!

Self” means:  personality.  Inner  Universe,  identity, you  only you  no one else.

“Reflection” means:   “your mirror  image”  in  your one-self.  Your own  thoughts on yourself.  Your own opinion In your Past  Future and  your  Present. NOT  “meditation”  or  some abstract  ideas  and  place  that  no  one  understand  or  knows.

OK, Let’s  move forward, seeya