Boring of your video games looking for a challenge ? … you got it ! [ mile 55 ]

by daveed guillermo

Throughout history, humans have used philosophy to explain and understand ourselves and the world. One of the central questions of philosophy is: “What is the meaning of life?”  Do not worry about answering it because it is a meaningless and empty question. 


The more relevant and profound question is: “What does it mean to be alive?”

This is a question that we can each answer for ourselves. Other challenging philosophical questions that we face every day are these common social greetings: “How are you?” and “How is everything?” To answer in a social manner is not difficult. The answer is: “Just fine. How are you?” Socially, we do not grant much importance to the questions, they are only friendly expressions that we rarely take literally.  But trying to answer and understand these central and essential questions of life is very deep and intricate. They relate to  our  time- space of our day and night and the world around us.  In this sense, “How are you?” refers to our Inner Universe, ourselves  and  “How is everything?” refers  to the Natural Universe, the world.

Taking time to reflect on ourselves and the world is not a habit for most of us. Instead, it is a mechanism we must learn to use like we learn the language we speak.  The first challenge we face when we try to reflect about our existence is our lack of contact with our present reality. It seems ironic and contradictory that we seek the guidance of religious leaders, doctors, counselors, and fortunetellers to establish   and find  our  own  individuality, realities and dreams   of our own life !

We already begin to move  in “Progressive Self Reflection”  seeya