Pharmaceutical pills or five minutes with yourself [ mile 56 ] *

by daveed guillermo

Many emotions, including frustration and satisfaction, sadness and joy, anguish and hope, depression and euphoria, anger and contentment, come from our subconscious 90%  that control over our fragile  conscious 10%.  To make it worst our  mind  bounce  like a tennis ball  in a  “present  net”  from  our  past  to  future.


By nature, we tend to keep our minds focused on past events or future concerns. When we live in the past or future, our mind produces emotional responses to our thoughts. When we imagine a confrontation with other people, we experience the emotions of the interaction even though it isn’t really happening. When we imagine the future or remember the past, our mind reacts as if the events were actually happening in the present.

If we consciously remember experiences from the past, or imagine situations in the future, our subconscious does not differentiate between real events and images we are forming in our mind. Our 90% of our mind,  our  subconscious,  does not make a difference between the past  future or present, just follows our information and storage as memory. The same our subconscious  doesn’t recognize  good or bad, moral or immoral, real or a fantasy. For us it is  an  exhaust  work and exercise  to keeping  our concentration and focus in the real task we are doing.

The solution is to build a bridge of  information between the two sides, subconscious  and  conscious, without  conflict  or  disagreement.  It   is what we  are  doing  now step  by step.

* Progressive Self Reflection