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Month: August, 2013

After your one minute reflection what should you do ? [ mile 63 ]*

Always I  state  that perfection it is not possible, doesn’t exist.  I am right,  my last posted  “mile 63”  it  wasn’t  really  “perfect”  at  all,  here is again. Sorry.


You should literally do nothing. Just feel good about yourself  or go  and  fly a kite


Every time you take one  minute for  reflecting  you  are  building  a  peace of mind  bridge   between  your subconscious  90%  and your  conscious 10%  Your  subconscious every time  you reflect  began  to be acquainted with  a “colleague”  in the other side of the bridge, your conscious and grasp that most  likely  that  jointly should  be  friends.

Is all this a metaphor ? sure but this  metaphor will  turn  a  reality  when  the 90% recognize the other 10%  of your  one-self . The day this  happened  you will  feel  all in concert  within your  Inner Universe  that…  yes !  is  your  own  Independence Day !

This day  you  will  discover   what  I  am  talking  about,  

Let me know this moment,   I will celebrate  it  with  you. seeya

Progressive Self Reflection *


A shaky non stop train at full speed !!!! [ mile 62 ]*

We do not as a rule or inclination step back to reflect about ourselves, personal relations, job, religion, or our daily experiences, but it is central in our daily life to do so to establish peace of mind. If we do not make it a habit to reflect about what matters the most to us..


we certainly do not take time to reflect  about abstract  and intangible  things we do not really care ..


It is not our rationale, the “speed of the train” the speed is control by our subconscious 90% percent  mind over  our  conscious  10%  But without realizing it, we may go through our whole life ignoring the time-space of our past and future in our  present.  In some point, already late, we will  bring  to an  end  the  fast  tracking   race  and   ask   to  ourselves:   What happened ?


progressive  self   refection*

You – He – She – It – We – They – [ mile 61 ] *

By  now  you  know  that  without   ” I ”  nothing   couldn’t   exist  even   you.


Some  reasons to  be  with  you :

  • creates harmony and balance  within  your mind – not  your  neighbor mind.
  • prepares you for a better  stability in   life  by keeping  you  being  yourself  
  • generates a  feeling   of  serenity  and  motivation within you, it feels great !
  • provides you with  new  directions with a  mind-set  for  original  approaches
  • fosters the creation of new personal relationships and maintenance your  existing  meaningful  relationships,
  • solidifies your authentic self  freedom  and  allows you  to communicate  your own character  and  personality inside  the  turmoil of  this world,
  • helps you make concrete decisions with more serenity, autonomy, and confidence.  I mean more time for you, let say  – one minute with yourself  on  a  weekend
  • provides the knowledge and acceptance of yourself that diminish or eradicates the fears, anxieties and stress of   past  and  future  in your present

……….  More ?

1 + 1 equal 2 [ mile 60 ] *

One    the smallest number of  every
Two    The sum  of one and  one

Take  your  one  minute reflecting  of  yourself  from  last  weekend  [ please see “mile  57 ]  now,  if  you  add  one  minute  more  this weekend  you will have  the sum  of  one  and  one  or two  times you  “bang”  your  past  with  your future  in your present. 

These  amazing  peace of  mind  two minutes  will  be with  your  one-self  life  forever,  with you,  not  the world  or  social  media   but  with  you.


                                       ZAAP  KAPOW   POW  BIFF   BOOM  WOOW

Great !!!

Progressive Self reflection *

Our exceptional one of its kind situation to Reflect [ mile 59 ] *

Reflection:  contemplation,  consideration, thinking, calm lengthy, mirror reflection.

From the time and space when we were conceived  to our end   all that we are  is  time  space  and  a definition of  the culture where  we  live.  Each of us depending on the place we live we  have  a  different  perception of our rainbows, flowers,  butterflies,  music,  food,  clouds, birds  and  stars.


When we reflect  in ourselves  the only way we can do  is  going  behind our natural culture’s experiences . We  reflect  surrounded   by  our  society,  traditions, customs,  history , ethnicity  and  language. But in any case any of  these factors do not affect  our disposition  to reflect  on  us  and the freedom  to  “travel around”  from  our experiences  as   past,  to  where  we  go  as future  and  where  we are right  now as our  present..

Progressive Self Reflection*

Congratulations to you ! why ? [mile 58 ] *

From my “mile 57”  If  you had  the purposed   or  by  any  chance you  experienced  explore  to  reflect on yourself  for some seconds this last weekend, congratulations !  


Consider this;  Rocks,  Oceans, Mountains,  Digital  equipment,  HD TV,  smart phones, digital tablets,  or  music  website.  The  entire  no material  and  all mass  including  Stars, the Moon, Galaxies  or Black Holes. Do  not  reflect,   the complete  universe  can  not do it!

In Addition  all  kind of amoebas, bacteria  nor  any   Fish, Camels, Dogs, Horses, Cows or Cats.  Do not reflect,   animals  they can not do it!

But  why  not ?  because  all flora, fauna and  matter and no matter  just do not  echo  on  their   past  future  and  present.   Excluding  we human,  people,  all  kind of  people,  you  and   I  can do it. .  The  effect  of our  reflections  is that we  have imagination, , we  are progressive  in  our  life,  we create  art,  fashion,  history, music, dance, poetry, write,  films,  sculpture,  painting, science, education, language, culture.  In  other words  we  craft  our  life. 

The deep sad side of  reflection   is people  with mental diseases  or  by nature impair to reflect and  living  in  particular  homes,  hospitals or  with extraordinary families  sharing their live  with them.  My high opinion  and  admiration for all them.

If  you have the courage this weekend  to let your  TV,  comedy,  Movies,  Football game, Video games, Bar  and  discontinue and stopped to eat for some seconds  or  let for a little while your “social media”  contacts  and  bring to a halt all this  to be  just  with yourself   in your life  for  a minute  well  done!

 You now know  how and why being yourself you are unique, exclusive, exceptional  and  original,  There is not  a replacement  of  you.

Friendly,  you accomplished  more  that  you think,  I  will show  you.  seeya

 Progressive   Self   Reflection * 

Your – Oneself – Self [mile 57 ] *

Self:   Your  consciousness  of   your  own  identity .  Awareness, notice, realization. position, perception. 

From million of places, it doesn’t  matter where,  I’m sure in this planet  you are now in some point.  

Do you want to be with yourself  this weekend for one minute  ?


Please, close  your eyes.  Do  not  “press on”  yourself   just  close  them soft.

Your Past. For some seconds in your mind  think a situation from your past. Anything important or no important. Let say you first day in school, in your work or  how  you  feed  this morning  your cat.

Your Future. Now “go” for some seconds  in your mind  to your future  and think where you will be  in  three years  from  now  or  in  three  hours.

Your Present.  For some seconds  think where you are right mow, you necessary are in some place  aren’t you?  Just think…………” I’m here”.

Congratulations ; You journey  from your past to your future in your present for one minute. Your personal and inimitable  time space, one-self.  or Self  experience  is already storage forever  in your mind  as  a  reflection  of  you,   Great !!


* Progressive  Self  Reflection