Your – Oneself – Self [mile 57 ] *

by daveed guillermo

Self:   Your  consciousness  of   your  own  identity .  Awareness, notice, realization. position, perception. 

From million of places, it doesn’t  matter where,  I’m sure in this planet  you are now in some point.  

Do you want to be with yourself  this weekend for one minute  ?


Please, close  your eyes.  Do  not  “press on”  yourself   just  close  them soft.

Your Past. For some seconds in your mind  think a situation from your past. Anything important or no important. Let say you first day in school, in your work or  how  you  feed  this morning  your cat.

Your Future. Now “go” for some seconds  in your mind  to your future  and think where you will be  in  three years  from  now  or  in  three  hours.

Your Present.  For some seconds  think where you are right mow, you necessary are in some place  aren’t you?  Just think…………” I’m here”.

Congratulations ; You journey  from your past to your future in your present for one minute. Your personal and inimitable  time space, one-self.  or Self  experience  is already storage forever  in your mind  as  a  reflection  of  you,   Great !!


* Progressive  Self  Reflection