Congratulations to you ! why ? [mile 58 ] *

by daveed guillermo

From my “mile 57”  If  you had  the purposed   or  by  any  chance you  experienced  explore  to  reflect on yourself  for some seconds this last weekend, congratulations !  


Consider this;  Rocks,  Oceans, Mountains,  Digital  equipment,  HD TV,  smart phones, digital tablets,  or  music  website.  The  entire  no material  and  all mass  including  Stars, the Moon, Galaxies  or Black Holes. Do  not  reflect,   the complete  universe  can  not do it!

In Addition  all  kind of amoebas, bacteria  nor  any   Fish, Camels, Dogs, Horses, Cows or Cats.  Do not reflect,   animals  they can not do it!

But  why  not ?  because  all flora, fauna and  matter and no matter  just do not  echo  on  their   past  future  and  present.   Excluding  we human,  people,  all  kind of  people,  you  and   I  can do it. .  The  effect  of our  reflections  is that we  have imagination, , we  are progressive  in  our  life,  we create  art,  fashion,  history, music, dance, poetry, write,  films,  sculpture,  painting, science, education, language, culture.  In  other words  we  craft  our  life. 

The deep sad side of  reflection   is people  with mental diseases  or  by nature impair to reflect and  living  in  particular  homes,  hospitals or  with extraordinary families  sharing their live  with them.  My high opinion  and  admiration for all them.

If  you have the courage this weekend  to let your  TV,  comedy,  Movies,  Football game, Video games, Bar  and  discontinue and stopped to eat for some seconds  or  let for a little while your “social media”  contacts  and  bring to a halt all this  to be  just  with yourself   in your life  for  a minute  well  done!

 You now know  how and why being yourself you are unique, exclusive, exceptional  and  original,  There is not  a replacement  of  you.

Friendly,  you accomplished  more  that  you think,  I  will show  you.  seeya

 Progressive   Self   Reflection *