Our exceptional one of its kind situation to Reflect [ mile 59 ] *

by daveed guillermo

Reflection:  contemplation,  consideration, thinking, calm lengthy, mirror reflection.

From the time and space when we were conceived  to our end   all that we are  is  time  space  and  a definition of  the culture where  we  live.  Each of us depending on the place we live we  have  a  different  perception of our rainbows, flowers,  butterflies,  music,  food,  clouds, birds  and  stars.


When we reflect  in ourselves  the only way we can do  is  going  behind our natural culture’s experiences . We  reflect  surrounded   by  our  society,  traditions, customs,  history , ethnicity  and  language. But in any case any of  these factors do not affect  our disposition  to reflect  on  us  and the freedom  to  “travel around”  from  our experiences  as   past,  to  where  we  go  as future  and  where  we are right  now as our  present..

Progressive Self Reflection*