1 + 1 equal 2 [ mile 60 ] *

by daveed guillermo

One    the smallest number of  every
Two    The sum  of one and  one

Take  your  one  minute reflecting  of  yourself  from  last  weekend  [ please see “mile  57 ]  now,  if  you  add  one  minute  more  this weekend  you will have  the sum  of  one  and  one  or two  times you  “bang”  your  past  with  your future  in your present. 

These  amazing  peace of  mind  two minutes  will  be with  your  one-self  life  forever,  with you,  not  the world  or  social  media   but  with  you.


                                       ZAAP  KAPOW   POW  BIFF   BOOM  WOOW

Great !!!

Progressive Self reflection *