You – He – She – It – We – They – [ mile 61 ] *

by daveed guillermo

By  now  you  know  that  without   ” I ”  nothing   couldn’t   exist  even   you.


Some  reasons to  be  with  you :

  • creates harmony and balance  within  your mind – not  your  neighbor mind.
  • prepares you for a better  stability in   life  by keeping  you  being  yourself  
  • generates a  feeling   of  serenity  and  motivation within you, it feels great !
  • provides you with  new  directions with a  mind-set  for  original  approaches
  • fosters the creation of new personal relationships and maintenance your  existing  meaningful  relationships,
  • solidifies your authentic self  freedom  and  allows you  to communicate  your own character  and  personality inside  the  turmoil of  this world,
  • helps you make concrete decisions with more serenity, autonomy, and confidence.  I mean more time for you, let say  – one minute with yourself  on  a  weekend
  • provides the knowledge and acceptance of yourself that diminish or eradicates the fears, anxieties and stress of   past  and  future  in your present

……….  More ?